Is it OK to pee in the ocean?


Just don’t pee in the Amazon…


We’ll see who’s laughing when the Sea Candiru get you.


It never occurred to me that this might be a problem, such that someone would even bother making a youtube video to address the question. That it, other than one that repeats “Uh, this was covered in high school, weren’t you paying attention, idiot?”

And even if human pee did make a difference, shouldn’t people be more concerned about pesticide and fertilizer run-off?

I’d take pee over barracuda slime any day. … and that’s not because I like pee. There’s plenty of oogy stuff in the ocean already.

I am not going in the ocean again.


We already DO pee in the ocean. It runs over the land first, but eventually makes it there.


Remember, it’s OK to pee in the ocean, but not into the ocean.


it is more than OK. I recommend it.

Especially at night if there are phosphorescents around, they will totally give you away as they can flash when they warm up suddenly.

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Well that’s a relief.


Fish do it all the time. As to why someone might make the video, consider that there are those who think that someone peeing into a city reservoir justifies dumping the entire 38 million gallon contents:

So clearly there is a need for education on this issue. :slight_smile:


Way to break Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.


In 2011, when Shaff drained the reservoir following a urination, he reasoned to the Portland Mercury, “Do you want to be drinking someone’s pee?… There’s probably no regulation that says I have to be doing it but, again, who wants to be drinking pee?”

Some Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Greeks, Germans and even Americans do! You just missed the 6th World Congress of Urotherapy, which was held in San Diego on 14-16 November 2013!

Great video… :confused: but that shark fear mongering at the end was unnecessary.

Generally speaking, it’s more environmentally friendly to pee anywhere other than a toilet.


It’s OK to pee in the ocean - just don’t pee on the seat!

Yes, but are there any religions which forbid it for, y’know, other reasons?

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i’d say it depends on how crowded the beach is…

First of all, drinking your own urine, except in case of extreme and life-threating need, is ridiculous. Your body got rid of that stuff for a reason. Yes, it’s sterile. So is concentrated sulphuric acid, but you don’t drink that.

As to the quote, you aren’t drinking pee. You aren’t even drink incredibly, homeopathically dilute pee. They don’t pipe the water in the reservoir direct to you house. The water is treated between the reservoir and the household.