Is the Universe a Simulation? 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate

Let me know if you can be bothered to keep reading after the second one.

Oh noes, I accidentally bought the third one ‘Utopia’ and have been meaning to buy the second… *gulp

Not good?

It just meanders. Doesn’t go anywhere. When I finished it I wondered why I’d bothered. Very meh.

It’s like reading a Robert Jordan book. Pages and pages of nothing much. Is the story going anywhere? Find out in the next book!


Hopefully it’s not just a never ending stall like Dragonball.

Heh. Looks like Utopia is book 4. I guess you have to read them all now.

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Oh well.

I’m nearly finished Baxter’s Xeelee Endurance so will need to get them soon, I guess. Am in a scifi trap right now.

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