Jeb Bush tweets picture of engraved gun with the title "America"


Means you’re desperate as holy shit to appeal to psychopaths.


“Here’s my gun. Please applaud… Please… Just… Just clap for my gun… I’m real proud of it. Please… Just… Please applaud.”


Can’t wait 'til he sends out a pic of his tatt…


Am I seeing this wrong or is the safety off?

I’m certainly no authority on firearms but I thought you’re only supposed to put the safety switch in the “down” position with the little red dot showing when you’re about to put a bullet in something.

ETA: @Mister44, since you’ve got one of these can you confirm one way or another?


I do find it funny that he’s tweeting “America” about a Belgian gun. I guess there’s a factory in SC?


Yes it is off - but the hammer is down - that is decocked AND it is empty. How do you know that? The FNX has a neat little loaded chamber indicator. The tip of the extractor will poke out with a red dot if it was loaded.

(Rule #1 kids, treat all guns as if they are loaded, always point in a safe direction, always check if it is loaded when you pick it up.)

So no, not violating safety rules, as one doesn’t generally keep an unloaded gun on safety, and many guns can’t be put on safety unless cocked (e.g. the 1911 and AR-15)

Martin Scorsese's Jeb

“Please give me the CLAP”



Eh? Eh?


Wanna buy a vowel?



Yes. They also are the main makers of the SAW machine gun for the army, and with Colt make most of he M4s they military uses. Yes they have a factory in the US and most of the guns sold in the US are made here.

Also, they were the arms of choice for Stargate Command.


If I ever move back to the US I’ll be purchasing some nice firearms and maybe get parts of Psalm 137 engraved on em. Especially the end of that Psalm.



“And then I was all ‘BANG BANG,’ and ISIS were all like ‘Holy shit!’”



Jeb sure has a funny way of terminating his Presidential Campaign?



Shot once, dropped twice.

Bet on it!



Well, between the FN2000 and the P90, I’d say FN has the “Futuristic-looking, hyper-ergonomic, fully ambidextrous” market sewn up tight.