Jeffrey Epstein, rich serial child molester, pays to keep teen victims from testifying


An apology:
I claim that Trump has no friends as you and I define the word because he is so, well, bigly vile.
Thanks to the recent Epstein news, I stand corrected.
Trump has friends, all right – each as disgusting and vile as he, including Epstein. (Reminder for those willing to dig for facts: There was that suit in the SDNY against Trump alleging rape at Casa Epstein. That case was discontinued with surprising alacrity, but among the filings were the affidavits of the plaintiff and a witness. And if they were at all fabricated, they were very well fabricated.)


You can only use threats of shame and ostracism to change behavior within your own community. Those sufficiently outside your circle are immune because they don’t care. The result is that in some cases people who are at least trying to do better end up more punished than those that don’t bother, at least in the near term.


I get what you’re saying, but it’s not a fair comparison. There isn’t a huge outcry about “Baby it’s Cold Outside”; it’s just an old, kinda sketchy song that some radio stations decided not to play. Al Franken proactively resigned his seat when multiple women accused him of groping them. Jeff Epstein isn’t an elected official, he’s a convicted sex offender who’s been doing his creepy stuff out of the public eye for the most part – I’d say very few people know who he is, and he’s paid tons of money to keep his victims quiet. Folks who know who he is and what he’s done aren’t shrugging their shoulders, they’re seething in frustration at not being able to do anything about it.


:face_vomiting: I am getting tired of posting this emoji, really and truly.


I have decided that this is now MY rule, and I claim it for my own!! “Anything the Trumpkin conspiracy theorists throw out there is a slightly mutated version of their own doings. There are no exceptions, only ones that have not been discovered yet.”


Didn’t Trump refer to Epstein in his speech to the Boy Scouts?





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