Judge: SWAT team can't claim immunity after using excessive force



I’m sure the Supreme Court will rapidly set the Appeals court straight about that.


I’m afraid that we’re about to see new legal definitions of the words “grave” and “violent”. The last time I smoked indica in a metal pipe, I coughed so violently, I was In grave condition, seeing spots, pink metallic elf’s, Tim Leary. The SWAT team could have broken down my door, had I been living in Connecticut.

Sadly, there is a better than even chance you are right.

But we can also hope that the tide is beginning to turn; that the notion that every single drug search warrant has to be a para-military raid, is finally being questioned by the courts.


Perhaps the judge signing off on the warrant needs to be included in the legal action?
Are there specific “no knock” warrants or is that just left up to the discretion of the cops?


Maybe as punishment, the members of the SWAT team should be forced to train 9-year-old girls on how to use machine guns…


Yup, this ruling sounds dangerously sensible.
Holding the police to account for their actions, whatever next!

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