Lab-grown penises ready for testing

Because of a lack of available tissue for reconstructive surgery, baby boys with ambiguous genitalia are often given a sex-change at birth

I really thought we didn’t do that anymore? I mean I assume there are still victims of that practice who’d want this procedure, but…

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is penis testing a double blind sort of thing? are their lab mice with human penises sewn to them from the animal testing phase? i have way more questions after reading the article then before.

i’m guessing if this ever becomes main stream then its primary use and big bucks will be in “upgrades” to size, regardless of what women actually want.

also, lab grown? when are they coming out with free range organic ones…being a penis rancher isn’t all its cracked up to be. (i couldn’t bring myself to look up penis rancher on urban dictionary)

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They are wily little buggers and if you don’t keep them separated they will consume the smaller ones.


Tired: 3D printers
Wired: Penis printers



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Social Justice PENIS FARMER


With any luck they’ll end up in people eventually.


All these scientists are just dicking around.

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Sounds like a job for Choda Boy!


If the baby boy (XY) lacks the dihydrotestosterone receptor he’ll have androgen insensitivity syndrome and grow up female, so grafting on a penis wouldn’t do any good.

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How about just for people who would like a few extras?

And you know what? An appropriate punishment for James Clapper would be to have one smack in the middle of his forehead. That way, you could always tell when he’s up to something.


Music is best enjoyed in the original language. Which is English, not German. I could barely understand that.

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the little guy on the diving board looking thing is actually food for one of these:

Same artist I believe. :smile:


I would assume that this type of deal has less of a chance of providing sensation than a general reattachment surgery would. From the look of it, I’d guess that getting a whole actual penis to grow in a bioreactor isn’t what they’re doing, so much as growing a very penis-shaped piece of epithelial flesh that has about the right vasculature. I wouldn’t expect the full “wiring” to be a thing for another 10 years at least. The implantation would require just s-tons of microscopically precise connections and a lot of nerve growth that we don’t yet know how to do. It ain’t like fibreoptics. You can’t just polish the two ends and glue them together.

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That's what I named mine.

That’s Zaphod BeebleCOX, thank you very much.

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On a positive note, it might be a ready-made solution to Gamergate…

Not only do we still cut infants at birth, but it seems to still be the norm in the U.S., often without even the parents being fully informed about what kinds of ‘minor congenital defect’ the baby was born with. Intersex activist groups all around the world continue to struggle against this, at the national and UN level, yet aticles like this present new sugery techniques as ‘advances’ without even a mention of the enormity of the pushback led by organizations composed of adults who were subjected to these surgeries at birth. Some links:

And, part 77 of the “United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel,inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”, which of course vigorously decries these practices, but evidently Wake Forrest and, well, every major news outlet reporting on this case haven’t read it yet:

Edit: the problem is in supposing who is a “baby boy” and who is a “baby girl” and which way you have to shove those square pegs into those discete round holes. So, while some say that the ‘boys’ can now stop being artificially ‘reassigned female’ at birth, and whoo-hoo! then, it’s still the same old phalometer and same old imposition of someone else’s tastes over sovergn bodies.

There are newborn boys with 3" cocks?