Liberal Tears

Like New Orleans with Louisiana’s insanely lax gun laws?

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Or Chicago or DC, with their extremely tight ones.

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I did too. It’s a good joke even if the motive is awful.

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Would certainly be stupid when so many more efficient choices with larger magazines are available. You know that though.

I guess we should be thankful that gun fanatics (to be clear: not regular gun owners) undermine their own argument so incredibly well.

Chicago’s rate is low per capita. The worst places for gun violence are mid sized cities, and of course, rural red state areas…

o_0 What alternate dimension do you live in? 2012 Chicago listed as 18.5 murders per 100k. Compared to other US cities with 250K+ populations and it is one of the worst.

Rural areas? Rural areas have low violent crime rates and very low murder rates.


I wonder if tweeting that constitutes a threat.

Keep in touch,

OK, that link is really funny.


gun discussions can happen anywhere, but adding intellectual property disputes into the mix, now THAT’s how you make it a BoingBoing gun discussion.


You do know I was mocking, not gun owners, but a particular kind of very vocal gun owner right? But yes, I’m sexist, classist and racist because I mock elite white men. Poor them. I’m sure they are oh so hurt right now because I made fun of them…


The dimension that actually links to rates of GUN violence:

It IS certainly a shame that guns are so easily obtained in Chicago because they are so easily funneled in from gun-lax Indiana, literally minutes away by car…

Worst: Mid-size Southern States:

You don’t seem to have a problem with the existence of stereotypes… just who is seen positively and negatively. Is that not the case?

o_0 So is this a reading comprehension thing?

“Chicago’s rate is low per capita.” is false, as one can see in the stats I posted. The state of Illinois overall is over the national average. The map you link to has it this dark maroon for the high percentage of murders via guns (Louisiana is the only other one as bad).

And yes, many southern states have high gun violence rates, most of which originates from large cities, like St, Louis, Atlanta, etc. (You can see the list in the previous link I posted.)

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nothing polarizes any community as much as firearms.

or posturing. Lets not forget that use.

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You didn’t even link to something that showed GUN VIOLENCE. Yeesh. And no, the cities aren’t that large. They’re more like Memphis, Little Rock etc. etc.

Chicago is not the worst at all. Maybe you should just admit you didn’t know what you were talking about. I’d take my chances in Chicago any day over becoming a victim of violence in Little Rock, Memphis, and so on. I’m sure you’d hate to see how it breaks down per capita in poor Southern (or red state) counties as well…

So again, Chicago, not even as bad as a number of Southern cities/states with much LAXER gun laws. You were saying?

Well I guess I’m just not a big city boy. 10K isn’t a big city. 650K and 200K is a big city, in my book.

I never said Chicago was the worst. But it’s bad. If you focused on the handful of neighborhoods where the violence is the worst, I wonder what sort of rate you would get then. Fuller Park, that skinny red area, has a whopping 63 per 100k murder rate.

Washington DC is one of the worst. Both it and Chicago have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. One would expect them to be a lot safer because of this, but that isn’t the case.

I’d feel perfectly fine in Little Rock, Memphis, or even Chicago or DC - in certain neighborhoods.

There are also many safer cities with laxer gun laws. You will also find areas of high gun ownership with low gun homicides. I’m saying gun laws don’t have much effect on the gun homicide rate. An area’s economics and demographics seem to have a greater effect as to how dangerous they are.

I would wholeheartedly agree that this is a large part of it. Chicago is still much safer than scores of cities, particularly smaller ones all over the U.S. And yes if you neatly excise Englewood and a couple other parts of the city you’ll find that they push above their weight for gun violence. That has nothing to do with gun laws in Chicago, and everything to do with lax gun laws in neighboring states where all those weapons are straw purchased. Of course poverty, unemployment etc. etc. are as much of the problem.

A federal indictment charges the two with illegally selling 43 firearms to the government informant in just under 26 hours, a volume made possible by gun shows and less restrictive state laws in Indiana, by far the No. 1 source of out-of-state guns used in crimes in Cook County. Private gun sales in Indiana don’t require background checks, a waiting period or even a record of the transaction.

The scheme exposed by law enforcement illustrates the tidal wave of illegal guns confronting Chicago police as they battle surging numbers of homicides and shootings. With the country poised to respond to gun violence stretching from a first-grade classroom in Newtown, Conn., to Harsh Park on Chicago’s South Side, allegations of the duo’s lucrative enterprise provide a textbook example of how criminals can exploit existing gun laws to put society’s most vulnerable at even greater risk. "

(Lewisbey) would go travel to Indiana, to these gun shows where he would load up literally a duffel bag, go from table to table paying in cash, large amounts of cash … before returning right into the worst neighborhoods of Chicago," Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Parente said at a recent detention hearing in federal court. “He would sell them literally in the back alley and on the side streets.”

This statement on any blog in the universe should result in an instaban. From the Internet. It’s just that fucking tiresome.

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