Linguistic data analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments produces a taxonomy of trolls


Every good term can be used badly with a bit of work. I remember being delighted with the phrase “concern trolling” because it was clever and neatly encapsulated something I’d seen happen - but then I got heartily sick of hearing it used as a convenient way to shout people down with any thought being required.


Can we just give them their own Internet to play in?


I beg to disagree. I see no difference between this and the lawfare used against religious and ethnic minoities in the past and present.

As a Jew I’ll defend the right for someone to say these things.

LEOs & IS both also use publicly available data too.


Well, if those are the people who are active on the boards, then they make up the sample.

What else can you measure?


If you’re going to put them on a ‘terror list’, why allow them to march? Would the US allow ISIS to hold a rally?


I wash my hands after I use the bathroom to remove the vast majority of the germs on them, knowing that there will still be germs and they will grow and grow and eventually I’ll have to wash my hands again. Giving the germs their own space and hoping that other, better germs win out is not a good strategy.

Human beings are not germs, human ideas are not germs. I’m not implying they are or that my analogy proves anything about how we ought to handle Nazi rallies. I’m just pointing out that “we tried and it didn’t work” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Trying to eliminate something only to find you have to try and try again without ever succeeding is sometimes absolutely the best strategy.

I think that not allowing threats (which is definitely not allowed), not allowing incitement of violence (which is definitely not allowed), but allowing Nazi marches is inconsistent. Saying, “You can’t advocate genocide” would be in keeping with existing restrictions on free speech, and the fact that is allowed shows a preference for and a privilege afforded to Nazi groups by the legal system.


One thing I’m curious about is why the alt-right posts so many Noah memes. I get the 40K stuff, but where did love for a terrible biblical movie come from?


The only thing I can imagine is that they like the idea of a god saving them and wiping out all the people they don’t like.


This article in a nutshell: “Everything I don’t agree with is the alt-right!!!”

Seriously, so Trump supporters, pro-gamer gaters, MRAs, and anti-globalists are all alt-right. Yeah okay. The alt-right is tiny.



the branch of science concerned with classification


“…but I repeat myself.”



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