Loki is a modern anti-hero


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Hey, don’t knock tickling trout until you’ve tried it!

I’ve always had trouble with the whole Utgard-Loki/Asa-Loki thing. Looking forward to reading a more irreverent & less mystical telling.


Gender-fluid? Hey, Thor gets talked into some cross-dressing cos-play.


Thor doesn’t transform himself in to a Mare in order to exhaust Svaðilfari; I think Loki wins on the gender (and even species) fluidity :smiley: Norse myths are often such a great laugh. :smiley:

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Loki gets pregnant while in another form.

That pretty much beats anybody else’s gender fluidity. I can’t think of another example that even comes close to that. Off the top of my head I can only think of Tiresias who was a man turned into a woman turned back into a man. Loki chuckles and calls that “cute”.

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I’d not heard of him. Reading on wikipedia, I got a surprise…

I misread the antiquarian’s name as Luc Besson!


I think that Loki did that one too… Had several children as a milkmaid.

Edit: The Poetic Edda: Lokasenna
Othin spake:
23. “Though I gave to him | who deserved not the gift,
To the baser, the battle’s prize;
Winters eight | wast thou under the earth,
Milking the cows as a maid,
(Ay, and babes didst thou bear;
Unmanly thy soul must seem.)”


Volstagg, “I hear Loki swings both ways…”

Fandral, “BOTH ways? Dude, you are way too binary!”


Switching mythology, there’s Mohini, a cross-dressing version of Vishnu who manages to have quite a few children…


This is striking similar to the current version of Loki in Marvel comics of the past few years ( in Journey into Mystery and Loki, Agent of Asgard), where he has changed ages, sexes and personalities. Great books.

I remember a talk by Neil Gaiman a few years ago. Someone asked him for his favourite best-ever piece of literature. Gaiman didn’t hesitate, it’s the Flyting of Loki.


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