Man who repeatedly put sleeping pills in wife's coffee sentenced to just 60 weekend days in jail

Prosecutors called the 60-day sentence "a slap in the face” and said they’re planning to appeal the decision.

“You shouldn’t be able to commit at 15 year-felony by poisoning someone and only have to serve weekends,” Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said. “It’s unbelievable to me.”

I’ve sent a request to to see if we can send money to crowdfund and support the appeal. Will update as I hear back.

Defendants get to appeal- victims don’t. Double jeopardy and all that.

Who’s joking? It’s an apt comparison.


People who don’t take the assault, abuse and victimization of women seriously, because it doesn’t directly affect them?

Just a guess.


I’m taking it so seriously I have $100 set aside to help fund the appeal. How about you?

(Not sure if the prosecutor who plans to appeal will get back to me, but that’s the plan. I guess if he doesn’t get back to me, I’ll donate to an abuse and victimization fund, and provide the evidence of said action.)

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This sentence is so low it’s absurd.


The judge’s name must be made public. He must be held accountable for his decision by the citizens of whatever district he is a judge for.


No fair showing the pic right away! Last time this was posted on BB we had to speculate as this gentleman’s skin color (with that sentence? are you kidding?)

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Judge Antonio Viviano

Retired judge. Case was transferred to him.


While you’re looking for the judge’s name to add to the post you might want to edit the title. "Gentleman’ doesn’t seem a good fit. If he is out on his own recognizance during the week presumably he has to wear a sign around his neck warning people about his lack of moral judgement.

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It does if you’re in on the joke. Around these parts, a “gentleman” is never a gentleman.

It’s not that he has a messiah complex or anything. It’s just the talking interferes with his ability to hear the sad trombone.

Right? So much for his plans to moonlight as a Starbucks barista on weekends.


Looks like the judge is a rehab sucker. He starts ranting about it with 13:20 left or so in the video.

He was worried that the defendant would re-enter society as a “hardened criminal” if he got time.

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< sarcasm > Don’t worry, he only poisoned a woman, no one important. It’s not like he attacked another man! </ sarcasm >



Article here on how the prosecuter was concerned about the judge being too lenient prior to the trial:

“This defendant deserves nothing less than a prison cell for his actions and that is what we will be stressing to Judge Viviano Thursday morning or we will be appealing the sentence, plain and simple,” Smith said in the release.

There’s an anti-ad blocker thing in place, but if you have an article reading mode, you can select the text and do a +1 Caesarean shift. Yes, really.



spare chars

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Ok, that’s just taking toxic masculinity to an absurd degree.


$100 donated to


Turning Point began in 1980 through the grassroots efforts of community volunteers who wanted to provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence Turning Point opened with a 15-bed shelter and 24-hour crisis line. In 1986 sexual assault intervention and prevention were added to our mission. Located in the Metro Detroit, Tri-County area, Turning Point has a long history of providing advocacy for domestic and sexual assault survivors, both locally and throughout the State of Michigan

I have to say, I’ve become disenchanted to the point of nihilism with the “effect” of online discussion on… well, anything at all. You want to move the needle? It’s all about the :money_mouth_face:

Sadly, dank gif memes have yet to change the world


< sarcasm > Hasn’t the poor man suffered enough? No point in ruining his life over one small mistake right? He comes from a good family right? </ sarcasm >



Elements of Attempted Murder

"In most jurisdictions, attempted murder charges consist of two elements:

  • The offender took some action towards killing another person
  • The offender’s act was intended to kill a person"

How can this be anything other than Attempted Murder?