Man who repeatedly put sleeping pills in wife's coffee sentenced to just 60 weekend days in jail

I know you are stating this for other’s sake…I trust.

Because you conveniently left off my qualifying statement…which sort of…ya know…literally addresses the “ongoing understanding with the person” part.


That’s how I read it.

You and your wife have a bond and an established understanding to the point where you can add a splash of ‘firewater’ to one another’s coffee, and that’s okay with each of you; which is fine.

But it needs to be reiterated as much as possible for those in the ‘nosebleeds/cheap seats’:

Giving someone else any drugs or alcohol without their informed consent is illegal, immoral, and it’s grounds for a thorough ass-kicking, where I come from.


I used to know a woman from Afghanistan who showed me some raw opium once…little black beads she rolled between her fingers. She said they used to rub it on the gums of teething infants “back home”. When she saw my reaction she did a lot of “not anymore, not now…” but I dunno !


The whole thing sounds pretty on-brand for Macomb County. It’s like SE Michigan’s own Florida, imo.

Or, the asswipe husband insisted on staying in the house, as is “his God-given right since his name is on the deed.”
Quote comes from a law enforncement officer called to “a domestic” when the next door neighbors complained. The soon-to-be-ex had come back to the marital home after having moved out 2 weeks previously. He woke the family by playing music at full volume at 4AM, and flipped the mattress on his wife’s bed. Since she didn’t have broken bones or obvious bleeding, it didn’t matter. The guy had all the rights, wife & kids had none.


Evidently the jury bought his “we’d run out of decaf” defence.

“This young man comes from a good family and still has his whole life ahead of him,” said the judge.


Well clearly it is wrong to drug someone, in any context. I don’t think that was ever in dispute, was it? Are we just like … making up stuff to yell at each other about now?


When I was a child and had a cold, someone gave me a hot cup of tea with honey and some bourbon. It was decades before I could tolerate bourbon, tea or even honey.

I hope the press looks at that judge’s history, especially re sentencing people who abuse, endanger and batter (chemically in this case) their partners.


Meantime… anyone thinking that a restraining order is a magic shield preventing harm of a victim by his or her abusive former domestic partner is invited to read the first five paragraphs of that Wapo article.

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ETA2: dangit I can’t get that bar chart for WaPo displaying properly without screenshot, have no time to deal w that rn


“In my defense, your honor, I would like to make it clear we are currently going through the Kali Yuga, and so my actions are to be expected.”


I wish I did not know what this term is, but I do.
I have a few neighbors (plain ol’ U.S. born and raised white folk) who use that term in earnest and frequently.


I learned the term after in-depth study of world philosophy… okay, I read about it in a comic book :smiley:

I guess that it shouldn’t be too big a shock that End Timers are co-opting Kali Yuga in to their eschatological narrative, along with the Rapture and Ice World Theory.

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Mod note: I removed some discussion here on dosages, because that, to me, feels a little too much like discussing the bullets used in a mass shooting. Dosages may affect what is legally relevant, but it certainly doesn’t affect what is morally relevant here: dosing anyone with anything without permission is assault at minimum.


It’s very much the same thing;
Focusing on minor details and minutiae instead of the actual illegal act that was committed is a form of marginalization and derailment… because heaven forbid we ever seriously discuss the root of such inhumane behavior, which, in my opinion, stems directly from the misogyny that’s so deeply entrenched in our society.


Wow. That judge really inconvenienced him. Having to give up his next 60 weekends is going to suck.

“I can’t go to the game with you because I have to report to prison for tying to kill my wife when we were going through our divorce. But I’ll catch up with you on Monday. Doot-de-doo.

Fingers crossed the appeal is more effective than them just tacking on Fridays too.


Good call. Also, “dosing” might be a mild word, when you’re giving someone a potentially harmful chemical agent, for days, you’re poisoning them.


I agree that attempted poisoning is a better choice of words here given that it went on for quite a while.

Not really; nobody disputes that the act was illegal and morally wrong. And dosage isn’t a “minor detail” of a poisoning, it’s the very crux of the act itself.

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In this case literally!