Maybe Amazon HQ2 won't happen in New York after all?


Interesting read, thanks for the link!


Not in terms of money.
In terms of sheer data hosted and distributed by them, they are steadily moving towards it.


Perhaps he’ll move it next door to David Pecker’s headquarters?


That was originally the assumption – that it would be in “flyover country”. It’s actually pretty surprising that they chose the DC area given the costs. That being said, I’m glad that they picked Crystal City in Virginia – the other DC area neighborhood in the Maryland suburbs being considered was literally my neighborhood – and I rent.


All of these things.

If you think it would be kludgy, you are right. But this stuff happens all the time in Corporate America and people manage well enough.

Mergers, splits, selling one piece to someone else, spinning off a new corp. Etc.


No, obviously.


I’m not sure what you are saying here. Are you saying that “the market” should break Amazon up naturally by individuals stopping shopping there? Or are you saying that people shouldn’t call for their breakup unless they themselves avoid doing business with them? Neither interpretation makes much sense.


You’re a better and more savvy consumer than my humble self. I have learned the error of my ways but not before contributing my pittance to Amazon’s coffers…


of course the IMPORTANT thing is which professional politicians benefit in the next two election cycles

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