Aren’t those ones in Golden Gate Park protected?

Not even hard salami?

you are dead to me

as dead as the meat I eat


Sorry, I just have to do some quick math: 3 meals a day x 7 days = 21 meals a week. And you say you eat meat at… 12-17 of them? So at least 2 out of 3 meals a day you consume have meat in them. That just seems like a lot of meat. To me, personally, thats a lot of meat.

I eat meat maybe 5 times a week, and thats counting the meals that start with rendering bacon fat. Add in the cheese and butter and I eat animal products maybe 8 times a week, 10 if we have brunch on the weekend. Eating meat twice a day, every day… thats a lot of meat.

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I eat too much bread. Veggies are good, TVP works for me, but not for my wife. :::Sigh:::

Don’t push me. I have an epic soprasseta in the fridge. Don’t make me get my knife.

(Each ounce lasts me about two months)

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I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But thanks! Lotta farmers markets and direct sellers of grass-fed beef and fowl near me so I’m good. (one of them even provides you with a chest freezer if you buy half a cow!)

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Meh, in those cases, I’d rather enjoy the freedom I have while we still have it to say what I believe. I still think it’s the content of what I say that bothers some people, more than how I say it. And even if it’s the latter, well, fuck the tone police, and the ironically high horses they ride in on. I’m not going to convince such folks, no matter what I say or how I say it.

I’ve eaten in a lot of different ways in some different places, and I’ve learned that the food we like is VERY often a matter of what we’ve gotten used to liking. Heavy meat consumption is as much a habit as a preference, that is, a sort of learned preference. We can get over it, and eat far, far less. I used to hate tofu, but then I met people who know a lot of ways to cook it and combine it with other ingredients. Now I love it. Same with various forms of what westerners call sea “weed.” WEED? Wow… And people don’t need NEARLY as much protein as most westerners think they do, and far more foods have it than we tend to realize.

I can’t begin to fully convey how funny, not in a mean way but an awkward way, this particular tale is without me reenacting it. But I will try.

Scene: ultra high end whole foods, surrounded by snobby millionaires everywhere.

Characters: My wife and I, and a mother with her 12 year old child that looked surprisingly like Gene Belcher.

The mother and child walk past the butchers counter, and the child–in an expositionary yell, not an angry one–demands, “I. WANT. MEEEAT!!”

The mother, visibily horrified, responds, “no, tonight we are not having meat. We will have meat another night.”

And the response from young Gene Belcher? “MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT”, as he danced through the aisle. He had rhythm and panache. I almost passed out containing my laughter.

He ate vegetarian that night :smiley:


I regret jumping in with humor, when so much animosity exists.

Go eat a fucking sandwich in a sunny courtyard somewhere. Have an herbal tea. LISTEN TO THE FUCKING BIRDS AND LOOK AT THE FUCKING CLOUDS.


What kind of sandwich?

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Tomato, salt, basil, and Mustard. And of course toast the bread.


There’s a lot you can do to reduce the amount of meat you eat in a barbecue without cutting it out completely. We’re getting a lot of produce in our garden at the moment, so a lot of that gets freshly picked and grilled. I often make my own hamburgers with about 40% mushroom (seeds, herbs etc. are also good) which I think actually adds to the taste compared with pure meat. We rarely have barbecues without at least one vegan or vegetarian, so it isn’t a big deal to accommodate a non-meat diet into the meal. On the other hand, my favourite barbecue ever was almost exclusively beef - a small Brazilian restaurant opened just for a small group of us and made the most amazing slow cooked beef with salt rubbed into it - even if I become a hard line vegan, I would probably go there again without too much thought.


A chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast, no mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce.

Hold the chicken.


That’s what the bread is for, surely?

Or can I have a double down?

What kind of mustard?

Screw it, I’m going to Costco for a hotdog for lunch.


Found @


I don’t make the rules.

“A beautiful cookbook on 500 recipes for packing victory lunches.”

Or someone who doesn’t feel that what they are doing is wrong in the first place. Calling them an asshole is bound to change their way of thinking.

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Wait… did you just put your deliberate extra meat eating with “gusto” on the same level as Gandhi?

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