Modern monetary theory

Hmph. My first Google result for modern monetary theory, in a featured snippet, was from the Fraser Institute.

If I wanted the Bizarro World answer, that’s where I’d start. The Fraser Institute is part of the Koch Bro paleolibertarian network, and pretends to be Canadian. They believe that taxation is theft and that governments can’t run debts (on the programs that they don’t like).

I think I’ll look at that page to see how they grabbed that spot. I assume that they paid for some really good SEO work.


Needless to say, it’s poor summary of MMT with some rather misleading conclusions.

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For actually understanding it, I’d recommend Stephanie Kelton’s The Deficit Myth to start. Also, the GIMMS site has some excellent resources. The New Wayland blog (by Neil Wilson) is excellent and explains various subtle points with wonderful clarity (he’s written a book that is to be released soon). If you want to get deep and opinionated, Bill Mitchell writes regularly and extensively.

I do wish Cory was still around because of his posts bringing this up but he does over on and has appeared on the MMT podcast a number of times - which is quite UK focused but worth a listen, . My very very limited understand being that money is spent into existence and taxed out of existence yet every time i listen to political discussions over here everyone assumes there is a massive pot of money the government has to keep dipping into and nobody ever seems to correct them.

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Yeah, exactly. The whole “pay-for” and “taxpayers’ money” nonsense is strong as well.

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