Nagra IV-L: the pinnacle of tape recorder UI

Stereo is overrated. I remember back in high school days my friend and I were poking around in his garage and came across an old Magnavox mono system. It had one big speaker cabinet and a tube amplifier. We kind of sniggered at it and then decided to fire it up, bringing out a turntable to hook up to it. When the thing was turned on and warmed up and we set the needle down we were absolutely blown away by the quality of the sound.

This is a reel-to-reel recorder. Look at the tape heads on the top deck and the two spindles for tape reels. Nagra did make a small version which took tiny reels, but I’m pretty sure they never made a cassette deck.

Since nobody else has quoted it yet, and Kludge doesn’t seem to be here:

“C’est un Nagra. C’est Suisse, et très très précis.”

That’s kinda what I thought; this post was from a site called Cassette Players, so thought I might have missed something.

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