Naked and marooned for 60 days on a tiny island



Naked and marooned for 60 days on a tiny island? Well then, you’re going to want appropriate music:

(and perhaps clothing, and maybe some barbecue…but definitely this music)

Did he remember to bring Amanda Donohoe with him?


it’s even more disorientating and hard to understand why you feel that way when you haven’t left your present city ( ._.)

whereas this 60-day [inaudible] on an island actually = “project”

[inaudible 11:44] = “won’t touch the sides”

I hope that helps.

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“Naked Dating” meets “Survivor”. Shoot the pilot, its a guaranteed winner!

You mean “Naked and Afraid”?


Oh for the love of God…


“It probably made the whole experiment about 40% or 50% harder than it would have been if I had gone on without any cameras.”

Because what’s the point of being a complete ******, if you can’t do it on video?

Douche? Why? Because of wanting to try out (and document, because everything is better with proper documentation) a survival experiment? Please elaborate?


Was the illness do to undercooked food or impure water? Bear Grylls always cracks me up the way he gobbles raw food because he is going to die from liver flukes or brain worms. I forget which show where a different guy was doing the survival thing in Belize and he had a firestarter. but he was looking for the equivalent of a canteen cup for boiling water because if he drank from the stream he was likely to get sick and then dehydrate in the heat. I think he ended up heating water in a plastic bottle (yech).

I did the sleeping out by the fire one time and it worked pretty well I had a big fat driftwood log that would char and drop charcoal without catching flame and under that at right angles I had a couple long poles of good dry wood. When I needed heat I just pushed the poles under the log and it would flare up and the charcoal face of the log would radiate heat. I probably woke up every 40 minutes but it felt natural under the circumstances.

But how hard can it be to start fire? Those TV survival guys seem to be able to get a spark by smacking a lump of mud with an icicle.


I’m afraid thay she has been suspended for “vulgar behavior”… perhaps it was behavior that’s been hidden from my childlike eyes.

I’m confused as to why the island is uninhabited. If it’s uninhabited, I’d assume it’s because it cannot support life (eg, no water supply). Yet, he survived, so there must be a water supply. So… why is it uninhabited?

Inhabitable does not automatically mean inhabited. There’s also the requirement to support local economy. Or to be in an attractive place enough to warrant someone’s house and be close to another economy (shops, shipping routes…) for commuting by a boat. And so on…

An island needs to be pretty idyllic to support an isolated stone age community. There has be a plentiful supply of fuel and quality upland trees for boat building. And it must be able to attract occasional immigrants to freshen up the gene pool. And if there is going to trade for items like metal fish hooks, it must also be be large and robust enough to fend off pirates. And the resource base must be good enough to support the community when a storm knocks it flat every couple of years… Island communities develop strong cultures to meet these challenges. And then of course there is the problem of immunity in isolated populations, which can be wiped out by a visitor carrying some fairly common disease like measles.

not suspended, not hardly.
I’m just not solipsistic enough to want to monitor the worlds opinion of every word I say.
Of course,
if you don’t get what is ****** about traipsing about an island naked, filming yourself from good angles for sixty day.
you might believe that a person would keep coming back to see “oooh did they read what I said?”.

I am still not getting it. Care to explain?


OK then.

As much as I want to mock him, like Bear Grylls he doesn’t seem to be nearly the wanker I’d expected.

I’m not talking about people who want modern amenities. I’m talking about the putative indigenous human population. Practically every place on earth that can support human habitation, does (or did, until resources were exhausted).