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It may be gauche to nominate one of your own, but I actually requested this very nomination process to be a feature in a BB meta thread…so it’s for the system, not me, I swear!


Doesn’t this very topic achieve what you described there, more or less?


You’re one away now.


As much as I dislike profanity, this is just hilarious.


And this one is just sublime:


I always learn something reading BB but this post was a concentrated dose of education:


Well thank you, now I wish I bothered to cite some things. If anyone is more curious about these things google is your friend. Seafood Watch is the usual go to for ratings on sustainability of various things on a fish by fish basis.

When in doubt eat farmed shellfish raised in your own country. Its the single most environmentally beneficial thing you can eat from the water.


I’ve read this post like ten times now and I’m still laughing (yes, out loud) every damn time:


Time to pay a little back. Y’all too kind. :blush:

This. For the last three sentences. So you’ll need to go there to read them. And hit like while you’re there.


Went well with my coffee this morning.


Morbid humour at its best:



ETA: @teknocholer is on fire today:


That whole thread can’t get enough likes. It’s made of gems!