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Because there are not enough Heavy Metal references in this world


For combining truth with biting wit:





Note: image is of a Twitter account, stating “The world we live in: People upset when a black man takes a knee, but unaffected when a black man takes a bullet.”

Edited to add: really, a lot of the posts in that thread.


This is wildly incorrect, should read

People upset when a famous black athlete takes a knee, but unaffected when an unknown black man takes a bullet.

White people do love their sportsball. Also if you want to see widespread rage, show a dog getting shot. Humans don’t register as much.






The single best thing I’ve read on the BBS for quite some time:




Putting that dusty liberal arts education to use, FTW!





A think of beauty!




Just look at it.


This literally made me laugh out loud.


Yes. A million times this. Then again I also get immensely pissed off by the whole “I’m more important than you because I have kids” mindset.


I’m more likely to respect the opinion, view, emotion, analysis, conclusion of people who don’t attempt to add weight to their views with “as a XXXX”. Their self-professed emotional investment in, closeness to, and expertise on, the issue is purported to make their insight somehow profound. I just see them as conflicted. See also Xtian mom who “as a mother” took offence at some rap lyrics. Another particularly ludicrous example was when a bus passenger, after a bus they were riding in was involved in a crash, was asked to offer advice on road safety.

People who are well-informed and passionate about important issues that DO NOT impact them directly are the most likely to influence my thinking. Sadly, many seem to think these people are unqualified to offer insight. Quite the opposite in many cases.


She didn’t want her kids listening to those lyrics. I don’t fault her for that, because that’s a parent’s job. It was her over the top ignorant and sheltered response to the lyrics that got us all talking.