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I really like this post. It captures both the weariness and the hope so many of us are feeling right now.


Another great post-- simple yet eloquent:



This actually needs the likes for that old, tired comment







Lots o’ truth right here.



I thought the comparison was going a bit far, but then I actually read the quote. And re-read it. And… I can’t disagree.




This needs ALL the likes; I literally laughed aloud, and I will never be able to watch Glengarry Glen Ross the same way, ever again.



Can I link to comments from other sites? Oh well – this one comes from this article:

“We know whiteness is a social construct because it changes. […] Irish and Italian folks, for example, have only recently become white.”

This is a tangent, but I hope everyone remembers this sentence for the rest of forever, because for most of my life racists have been employing a stupid but potentially persuasive argument about “white nationalism” that goes something like this:

“Every ethnic group in America has special interests that look out for them,” they complain. What’s wrong, racists pose, with political groups that look out for white people and “white heritage” the same way?

Again, it’s possible to mistake this for a compelling observation if you’re an idiot, which I’ve been told a few people are. Among the many reasons this is actually stupid, the one that’s long bothered me is that there’s no such thing as “white heritage.”

Look at me. …okay, now look away, you’re making me uncomfortable. Point is, I’m a white guy from Northern California, which of course means I’m Irish some number of generations back.

If I cared (which I don’t,) I could join any number of groups that preserve Irish heritage. And if there weren’t any already, I could start one and nobody would complain.

(Except maybe those filthy fucking Scots, but fine.)

Hell, we’ve got a whole holiday about Irish heritage coming up. Again, I don’t care, but I can’t say I’m underserved here.

If you live in or near any significant municipality, you can find resources about your German or Scandinavian or Dutch or Balkans etc etc heritage. If not, it’s just because no one has cared enough to start one, and there’s nothing stopping you now.

But you can’t find a (legit) group for just “white.” Because none of our various “white heritages” have fuck all to do with each other. The only thing all white Americans have in common is that none of us are black.

(Or Arab or Asian, etc.)

Which is why the only “white heritage” groups are racist groups. Because there is no non-racist way to glom together with unrelated groups of white people and pretend like there’s any kind of common tradition between us.

So yes, if you try to establish or promote identity politics for white people, you will be called racist. Because you are racist. We can tell based on this shit you’re saying.

As Mr Williams points out here, racists don’t even employ their own bankrupt definitions consistently. Not only do white Jewish people not count as white, they’re apparently the worst of the non-white lot, despite many of them being unbelievably white to the naked eye.


Not Kosher (see what I did there), but thank you…I’m glad to have read it.