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But aren’t the feudal lords somewhat in charge of the NHS and your council hospitals? I’m not a brit, I could be radically misinformed.

Hereditary/titled Lord is not the same as Feudal Lord.

If you aren’t allowed to slaughter the peasantry, you’re not a Feudal Lord.


Uh… there is the House of Lords, which is like a much-less-powerful US Senate, whose members are appointed rather than elected, and it votes on stuff to do with the NHS. And, as in the US, the Establishment is mostly the enemy of the people.

But for most people, if they lost their job and never worked again, it would not affect their access to medical care in any way, other than making it easier to get appointments I guess. Employers just don’t have that form of leverage.

And generally, people have much less sense of duty towards their employers here, which I think is a direct consequence of the fact that there is still such a thing as aristocracy. When there are actual, living people you’re theoretically supposed to bow to, it emphasizes that your boss is not one of them.

That’s the ones. They’re not “Feudal” but what distinguishes the lifetime of accomplishment that would land one in either “Lordship”. Much to do with pluralism? Or is it more born to it/ slayed others to get there?

It’s a mixture. Most are long-time party warhorses put out to pasture, some are party wonks so precious or unelectable that they have to be parachuted into the Lords rather than given a safe seat somewhere (not so many of those around for the Tories at the moment of course).

Some (rather fewer admittedly) are in fact people of real achievement in some field or other.

Edit to add: Some, of course, are bishops.

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thanks all. for the Englication.

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