New study shows that people prefer physical pain to thinking too hard

So do we think a random selection of people from this forum would give completely different results?

Also you call that pain? I suspect most days I am experiencing their moderate pain and making decisions. I suspect I would choose let’s take all of the options at once and get this thing done faster.

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Experimenters electrically shock people, and ask, what would you pay to not be shocked again. The people volunteer a number. Then they’re left to do nothing for 15 minutes. At which point they voluntarily shock themselves (boys much moreso).

Which is to say, people choose shock over nothing, not just over thinking.


Bertrand Russell said that when he was working on Principia Mathematica, he would sometimes forget to breathe, and wake up gasping for air.

FWIW, I wouldn’t call this a puzzle: n-back - Wikipedia

… the visual n-back test is similar to the classic memory game of “Concentration”.

This is, at best, a test of working memory.

And the whole “conclusion” section of the report is just xeroxed images of their forearms. :joy:


Wouldn’t that be in the “Results” section? :wink:

Carton of cigs and lighter in the “Materials and Methods” section.

Middle fingers in “Conclusions.”

Sorry, I’ve written too many abstracts…


I’m obviously a bit out of practice!


Given that I misspelled “Results,” I guess I am, too!


Much as I grouse about autocorrect, I am hopeless without some sort of spellchecker. 4th graders can do better than I do. :cry:


Personally, I think spellcheck has ruined my spelling ability. Pre-computer, I used to be really good, like make it to state bees good, and now I’m mediocre.


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