NY Times: "Add green peas to your guacamole." Entire Internet: "Fuck you."


Simple? Whaddayoulot mean by simple? Guacamole is mashed avacado. Now you need a bit of salt to season. And you need to add some citrus to stop oxidation. But that’s it. Anything else is a fancy Dan variation.

On the citrus a lemon lime mixture (in northern Europe) is closer to the Mexican taste.

Coriander and roasted garlic sheesh! You have a nerve to criticise the pea shenanigans with your fancy Dan variations.

That said I have seen fancy variations in various places in Mexico.


Sadly it looks like the story that Peter Mandelson thought that mushy peas were guacamole is fake.


People: mixing up food cultures occasionally results in really good shit. Chill the fuck out.


Please don’t stab me; Give peas a chance!


Apparently we are not as a people ready to accept Whirrled Peas


this deserves one, and only one response.

Have you seen THIS?

Chill the fuck out.

ewww. cold fuck is terrible! :wink:


“Disgusting third-rate vegetable” is not a food culture.


Frozen green pea-ness sounds disgusting in guacamole, but i don’t mind a 50/50 avocado marmite blend. i hear even @mindysan33 is a great fan of all things marmite.


“What’s the best way to get peace?”
“With a knife.”

EDIT: Sorry, I cannot embed the video. It seems FX has a pretty tight lock-down on Simpsons videos being only on their (admittedly impressive) website.




those are all defo Flavor Friends, but i tend to leave the garlic, onion, and jalapeno as side condiments. and if you are eating guacamole with chips salt is almost unnecessary due to the salt content of the chip itself.

oh, and i forgot, another clip. craigs crazy guac tacs.


Peas guac? Who do I look like, MLK?


good catch. 50% avocado, 50% marmite, and 50% sandwich spread or salad cream.

actually i like to puree pure wasabi, spinach, and seaweed, then tell people it is guacamole. when they complain i simply explain, “seaweed is the guac of the see, everyone knows that! want some spirolina green tea?”


Fuck you, Whole Foods

Fuck you, food.com.

Fuck you, cooks.com.



People tend to hate the different and unfamiliar. But trashing something without actually trying it is just dumb.


“If you desire peas, prepare for war.”



Who invented this recipe? Donald Trump?


Or you can substitute stinkbugs for cilantro. [depending on your tastebuds and the availability of stinkbugs.]