Oakland's tech startups are reportedly being gentrified out of their spaces by deep-pocketed marijuana growers


Never had a weed grower steal my identity, track my location, sell my information, enable dictators, or release millions of username/password combinations to the world. So… I’m good with this.


Makes me think of the evil farmer from the movie “The Wrong Guy” with David Foley (an under-rated goofball comedy). Where the evil farmer is strong-arming businesses and replacing the buildings with corn.


The legalization measures seem to favor/insist on indoor growers. I’m using lights and a heat mat in my garage to get an early start on veggies and worry that someone will break in thinking it’s a weed farm. Whether for weed or actual lettuce, it’s pretty inefficient to do this year round when I have the sun and pest predators outside. So I’d rather see the plant growing everywhere, see warehouses converted to housing, and see weed prices collapse.


Market forces. Apparently, people want legal weed more than they want yet another iPhone game. Gee, what a surprise.

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