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Mike Pence is fast becoming comedy gold.


I want to say I remember a German village that did the same thing a few years ago. It’s a great idea. I know not too long ago, we got an alert that an elderly man with dementia was wandering around and to be on the look out for him.





#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

They cut the video suspiciously early. Did he make it?



Lol. My buddy sent me that one a little while ago. I was going to put it up too, but lo and behold it’s already here. :slight_smile:

Nice touch adding the WTF guy from the rally.


Pence on a shelf! *sputters
Need a new clicky for LOL.


No, but I hear he rose again on the third day.




New evidence shows: DROP BEARS WERE REAL!!


Looks like two neighbors on some kind of Xmas “arms race” to see who is more festive.




According to the Reddit thread where I found the video, the first family houses a pair of brothers, one with special needs, who apparently loves Christmas decoration snowmen, so his brother would buy them at every opportunity. When they had more than they could fit in their yard, their neighbor agreed to let them decorate her yard as well. Somewhere in Indiana, I think.



(I know, advertising campaign but, it’s funny!)

The log comes with two warnings from KFC: “May attract bears or neighbors who are hungry” and “Don’t put face directly into fire to attempt to smell fried chicken.”





Pooping Unicorns??