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Homo floridaensis raises it`s ugly head again. Can we petition to remove them from our genus? Of course, Australopithicus might have something to say about that, too.



One wonders what the procedure was when her four friends were still alive.


Same procedure as every year.


Yup. Honoured tradition. Basically everyone watches it on New Year’s Eve at least once; it’s on heavy rotation on all the public channels.


One can imagine the creativity he would need to employ to represent both male and female parts, and the exhaustion it would entail!






Maser Specialist?

They though we would be fighting Kaiju?



I was going to opt for Oxygen Destroyer Specialisto.


At first I thought it was a giant EZ-Bake, but I think it just has racks of inventory inside and phones home when it gets low.

Internet of cake… or death.


A totally biased and entirely uninformed survey of Grammy Awards fashion statements from a mutant who owns 5 pairs of jeans and too many t-shirts.

The good:

I have never heard any of Cardi B.'s music, but I like her political rants and that dress deserves to be nominated in the category of awesome. Can’t imagine how she sat down in it though.

Janelle Monae is one of a small number of artists my kid and I agree on. She’s awesome, and she looks great here.

Honorable Mentions:

Another artist my kid and I agree on. Annie Clark can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah, It’s a plain tuxedo, but the attitude sells it.

The bad:

Dear Mr. Post Malone: No.
I don’t know who you are, but please stop assaulting my eyeballs.

Leon Bridges. See above, but moreso.
It will probably turn out that his outfit was decorated by a bunch of juvenile cancer survivors and I will feel terrible, but still no.

The unbelievably stupid:

Hello, Mr. Ricky Rebel? This is the entire world Mr. Rebel. We’d like to let you know that your 15 minutes were sent to you in error. Since you have soiled them so irrevocably, we will not ask for them back, but please do us the courtesy of returning yourself to obscurity without further ado.

Joy Villa, yet another artist I’ve never heard of. The slogans are idiotic and the dress is criminal. Gerald Scarfe should sue her for unfair use.

Edited because proofreading is a thing and I should do it.




Actually, that explains everything.