Odd Stuff



A new episode of BOFH is online!
Have a nice weekend, everybody!




The seals were cleaning while naked, and just slipped?


I would have gone with Aerosmith / RUN-DMC.


Well, they’re better than the ones they have in LA…




Do not eat if seal is broken.


It beats the older approach:


Keep sweeping the room for bugs.






Which reminds me:


Time for a re-watch.
The dawn ride with the DIY tram is poetry.

ETA: for who it might concern, the dustbin clip music is Telephone and Rubber Bands by The Penguin Café Orchestra.



Without this, we wouldn’t be here.


Sigh. The US are a weird and w… w… weird place.

That said, I wonder where the hell a achool production in Germany would get the props from. And what would happen if you order, say, 20 Hakenkreuzbanner to be ripped apart in the show at a local printer.


Now I feel old. I didn’t know Engelbart, but I did know Nelson a bit in the mid-70s, as I frequently ran into him in the lounge of my college dorm (and he ended up attracting one of my then-close friends into Project Xanadu). It would be very interesting if we could roll back the clock and properly fund some of these early visionary projects.