🍇 🐸 ¥ ✂️ (or 'Good Fun, Yes Siree')


A commenter used the acronym GFYS in response to @markfrauenfelder.
I had no idea what this meant.
I replied to this commenter with some of my own guesses.
These guesses were not accurate.
Finally, a friendly commenter explained that the acronym makes more sense when you consider the word ‘yourself’ as two words.
‘Yourself’ is not two words. Hence my confusion.

In the process of this exchange—some of which has since been justly eaten by @Falcor—many other commenters contributed their own interpretations—some silly, some surreal, and some that were a fitting response to the original intended message.

Got Five Yiddish Sisters

Gone For Yaki-Soba

Glad For Your Suggestion
Golly Friend, You’re Swell
Gosh Fellas, Yes Sir
Godzilla Feels Your Sadness

Good For You, Sir!
Giant Fingers, Yuge Steak
Go Forth, Young Skywalker
Grasp Force You Shall
Greet Fate. Yoda Speaks.

Give Fallujah Your Salutations
Genuine Fancy Yemeni Sandals
G-d Feels Your Sadness
Golly, Tex - Fantastic Otters!
Gumby Forgives Your Sins

Gritty Fine Yantra Sap

Guy Fawkes Yard Sign

Gödel Frustrates Young Scholars

It’s time to reclaim GFYS. And by ‘reclaim’, I mean assigning it as many different, intelligible expressions as possible. So consider this a ‘GFYS bank’.

Words, image, GIF—whatever form works for you. Post it here. Then use GFYS whenever you feel any one of these banked expressions might apply. There are three ways to do this:

1) Make your GFYS hyperlinked to the comment with the intended phrase. If you choose this method, make sure you use one phrase per post. Otherwise, the recipient may not be sure if you meant ‘Grasp Firmly, Yank Softly’ or ‘Great Fastnachts, You’re Smart’.

2) Use this format that doesn’t require any links:

(acronym) [spoiler\] phrase [/spoiler]

Example: GFYS Good FSM, You’re Silly

3) And of course, if it’s an image or GIF, just paste that sucker right in.

Whatever method you choose, FFS make sure you’ve communicated your intended phrase, otherwise the recipient may get very angry and shouty and then @Falcor will rain swift death upon all perceived offenders.

And yes, Regulars, you are free to change the title to whatever GFYS expression you wish.

Have fun!


Good for your Scrotum!


Giant Fistbump, Young Sir



Gamified For Your Satisfaction

(I changed the category.)


Gremlins Find You Scrumptious


Got @Falcor, you’re suspended


I punctuated mine wrong :frowning:

Good for you, Scrotum!


I’m sticking by my previous suggestion:

Goat Farts! Yak Snot!

and will add:

Gefilte fish yearn silently.
Gaga for yeast snacks!
Give Frank yesterday’s salad.


Grammar fail? Yell softly.


Gornpot frizbee yechezkel schonhaut.
Gradationately fosteringly y’fancy successful.
gordet freemann yatras stylidiaceous.

I can do this all day.


gallanted fimreite yeoljeon securities
gombay fingernot yamibou supervises
goba furballs yusofara srinivasulu
goldfutures fizziness yafeu sdhhgidfgkasf
geatish fifx younkin stsyapan
gnaden frams yiannakopoulos scintilloscope
gongbei finlator yumn sannen
granasztoi feliciano yurok superland
ggogokl fatjo yool serratia
geonames fsround yuzhneftegaz shrame
getpwuid floorcan yuanta sicommerce
grouchos fiescheralp yutong shahrazad
gokgal forebrain yamatake sdnet
gregorios fiv yashchenko satatement
grails fortean yop symbolic
gdq farizkhan yongping sejugous
grifty flayer yannam sucecido
gevangenneming favored yltpp spizhenko
gobindi farong yasunobe suhanny
goshutes fould yaratilir sadovaya
gamarra’s foligno yewer steefel
governative fridleifsdo yekubians
gafurov fleshlier ydede signwriter
gamebridge finiah yams szondy
greubel formulating yoptal swapps
guanabano fuelcellc yastrow stanvac
gondola’s fierheller yqhoo siens’
gacioch’s frostee yuruk sscf
gpda fouldre yaozu struff
guelfo frges yonggeom shelfroom
ggotel flavonoides yagouri siricid
gloggel floggings yusak singhaseni
gnarliness farishda yuxia sarbin
graphiker fordist yohourt sitver
gildehaus franscico yesilada swits
gooatl fateworse yzaga’s spilosite
guns’n’poses frederikssund yuima seslice
grone’s finaf’s ycpo stagedives
gleiche falpo yvs skvishen
grutero fripperer yankunytjatjara sakaniwa
grayrigg funktioniert yellpw stabilizes
gorecanyon footers yonex shendful
griegas fatmouse yoming sandleman
greenbrae froniter yiyuan saltless
grandpap fabel yarmahomedzai szefem
gabarone fleisches yinxing shafali
granodemostasa fiatarone yonchev sevander
gamesplayers flitfold ysed subfunction
golyam froideur yearite shaloms
glooeg filipsdotter yahtzees sandberg
gobalet freeteknival yunlu serralves
glenhaggis fifthyear yeary sprawlingly
gratnted finansal yenung stepfather’s
grotendorst fishe youthiness sessional
genidentity fililogist yushui starstudded
geserer fengjun yolkfolk succuming
goldstar franciabigio yacs sparklit
gerbig folding’ yylex spirituali
godae fructifer yanbianese syllabising
goaaoo fazant yelena superannuity
gaier filargo you’r shirwade
ghobadian faulconbridge yockeyism schlachthof
gaowhite fakahfduahkja you’ve serzhen
grindcore facas youdale sitescape
gunton fattishness ymcas subarboraceous
gontchaja fustianish yudhishthira sempurna
gourmette frontmysql yitzcho smail
galleta familiarities yellowtab sardum
gyda’i filmmaking yourtv semcken
galloner fonitro yfx scevomorphic
gelespont fromelles yjcz sssi
goongumpus factae yahuzzuna superprep
gllgoa fingilish yetizone soundback
garvald fibromyitis yirdaki spacecause
getinge’s fusillading yoshin semsem
gouts fizulic yeerely swasthya
gbon foreigners’ yatabe sintacel
gorgun frequncies yvmqkzpgjxwvhglawfvchqyopy sggs
goadby freeportal yndication sudbrooke
gunaratne firebowls yasunori solemnizing
grafstenen fidelities yamigo singbar


Grasp Firmly, Yank Softly


Gold Falls → Yuppie Suicide


Gangrenous foot, you see?


That is gold.


#OT: Stop running it through John the ripper.

Go Fetch Yon Shrubbery


Nope, that doesn’t work. too many words and it doesn’t start with a G.


Many dubious theories have been put forward (you know who you are), but the first recorded instance in the literature occurs in the Canterbury Tales, where the pilgrims encourage the Second Nun with cries of “Goe four ytte, Systir!”


Greetings from your sister