Pedestrian safety bricks: surprising crosswalk hack

Wait, do/did you live in London by any chance? The only place where I’ve I’ve had a problem at a pedestrian crossing was in London. (Well, really the speeding BMW driver had a problem when I stepped out in front of him, but he managed to miss.)
In the rest of the country, you can walk onto a pedestrian crossing knowing that traffic will stop for you. As a driver, when you’re approaching a crossing you keep an eye out for pedestrians about to step in front of you.

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Please don’t try that in Milton Keynes where drivers are permanently furious at anyone having the temerity to slow their zooming from traffic jam to traffic jam.


Was in at the beginning and missed a bit but can we skip ahead to all agree that threatening people with bricks, even if they are not the hurty kind is:

A a dick move and
B my lead you into dangerous consequences

I mean gesturing a shrug “come on!” after someone nearly ploughs into you and your children while ignoring the traffic lights and speed limit is too much of an infringement on driver privilege to be genuinely safe, so why would this?


See Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

I don’t think anyone is arguing that this is a bigger problem than brandishing a foam brick? I’m certainly not. Pedestrian deaths are a serious problem, and this is clearly attempting to address that. I’m just not sure it’s an effective project in doing so…


Thank you. After a long convalescence and a lot of physical therapy he is able to move normally again.


That’s good to hear. I’m sorry that your family had to go through that thanks to a shitty driver…


More than you’d think. A friend in the UK was riding with her near-sighted aunt, who stopped at every crosswalk and asked to passenger to look for pedestrians because her eyesight wasn’t good enough to see if people were on it. :open_mouth:

She had the doctor intervene on her aunt’s license shortly after that.


Meanwhile in Gaul.




Probably too late in the thread, and not directly related to bricks, but I think Toronto (or at least the downtown parts I was in) appear to be turning the pedestrian signal to WALK ~3 seconds before the vehicle light goes from RED to GREEN.

To my thinking, this is good since it lets the pedestrians get a few steps out into the walkway so they’re more visible to drivers.
Especially given very dangerous right-turn-on-red we’re allowed here (unless prohibited by sign or signal or perhaps in Quebec and maybe PEI?) in Canada.

Anyone in Hog Town confirm this? Anyone else see this where they live?

Also in Chicago, especially in the busier traffic areas.



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