Plastic rice nightmare in Nigeria

The state of the general world is evidence of this.


But it’s made of CHEMICALS!


Organic Dry Cleaning. Now with more Methylene Chloride!


My first thought after reading this was of the fake life jackets being sold to fleeing Syrian refugees. I don’t believe in hell, but if there is one these “entrepreneurs” should end up there.


that is low. i hadn’t heard. what a horrible thing to do.


It is possible that it is just short grain sticky rice like the Japanese like, and they just aren’t used to how amazingly sticky that is since they’re used to long grain rice.

Then chemicaled up to kill bugs.


Yeah. It’s pretty awful.


And I thought my wife’s rice was bad.


Herp derp. A word that has more than one meaning depending on context?!?


And in astronomical terminology, the rice is metallic!


I dunno, but I’d guess that rice made out of plastic is more expensive than rice made out of rice. Something doesn’t compute here.

Well, I never said it was a competent plot.

And I’m leaning towards stolen rice being sold as legit, too…but I just can’t shake the feeling that murdery shenanigans were afoot.

I think it’s probably more important for investigators to figure out the composition, and therefor also have more information for tracing back to the source, then a simple “yep duh, that’s plastic”.


Bullshit fake news. There is no “plastic” rice and no one has shown evidence for this.

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trying out the latest conservative talking points?


I don’t know. I think stating “Bullshit”, “fake”, “no evidence”, is a fine first post for a new forum member. Welcome @zdub! We hope to see your insightful commentary in some of the other threads.


The BBC report did not confirm it was fake or plastic. Initial testing reported it was real and the reporter said it looked and felt like rice but it had a slight chemical smell. She also said she had never smelled rice before and there was no way of knowing unless it was cooked.

If it was plastic, trying to cook it would confirm it is plastic nearly instantly. It would give your rice cooker a really bad day.

We are all up in arms over “fake news” when the real news is being mis-represented using headlines like “nightmare”. A small amount of suspect grain siezed by customs does not constitute a nightmare.


That’s the first thing I thought when the reporter said the suspect rice had a “faint chemical odor” and something was just… off about it. It sounded like someone convincing himself that things were, indeed, strange, just as he’d feared.

Of course, that said, I’ve never heard of plastic rice and have no clue what’s going on here, if anything.

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See it’s possible to make money poisoning strangers (this is covered in basic business practice 101). bulk plastic pellets from china go from around $0.60/ kilo but you have to buy a ton or more. if you get the wrong color and it looks like rice, what the heck; there’s more where they came from (um… pellets too).

My worry is how many of them are amenable to the occasional kickback.

what, like Moody’s, or S&P?

Seems like it would be harder to cheat. I suppose it would matter who’s paying for the services.

With bonds, the seller (large investment banks, usually) contracted with the ratings agency who considered themselves lucky to get the job.

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