Poll: 54% of Republicans believe, “deep down,” Obama is a Muslim


It’s not business as fucking usual. Please tell me what other president was claimed to be a Muslim or a lizard person in any sort of regularly, like Obama. I want citations.

This did NOT happen to Bill Clinton. This certainly doesn’t happen to Hillary Clinton, either. Even Romney, a fucking Mormon, didn’t and doesn’t get shit on about his faith like Obama does.

And Obama IS Christian in the “right way”. The reason people feel he is not has nothing to do with with his actual faith, or what he says about his faith, or how he practices his faith (which is really run of the mill American Christian; there is nothing unusual about it) – they say these things because he is black.

Yes, it used to be that Catholics weren’t very well trusted, but then JFK was elected, so that’s really not the case anymore. Even a MORMON can almost be elected, for Pete’s sake.

This has nothing to do with Obama’s faith or his presentation of his faith and everything to do with his skin color.


Come on now, it directly supports their complementary claim that Jeremiah Wright is only posing as a Christian but is secretly turning people Muslim. This is why Obama is a Muslim “deep down”, he was indoctrinated by Wright - Obama himself may not even know! (I think I missed my calling as a conspiracy theorist)

Hums along to Christmas carols in the mall all December.

Don’t tell them about the Rastas.

More generally, I think that thinking smart people aren’t Christian is the same kind of bias as the Republicans are showing with the “Muslim” thing. If you think believing is gods is not smart, then you might be tempted to think that people you admire don’t do it. I’m as atheist as possible, thanks to Netflix I’ve recently readied myself to tell my three-year-old about the God character in VeggieTales if she asks.

Believing in gods doesn’t make even faint sense to me, but I know that other people seem to manage to do it, especially older people. Belief in a religion is extremely broad and hard to define, and there is no way to contradict someone else’s claim of belief by their actions, you have to just flat out disbelieve their claim and think you know better. If someone wants to say, “I don’t believe any politician about their religious beliefs because I know they say what they say to get elected,” that makes sense to me. But if you don’t trust Obama when he says he is Christian anymore than you trust aggressive Christian preachers who insist they aren’t gay, the most likely guess, given where and when he grew up, is that he is Christian.


“I don’t believe any politician about their religious beliefs because I know they say what they say to get elected”


Obstructive cynicism FTW!


It just astonishes me that people seem to think that someone who grew up in the USA doesn’t believe in god. I mean come on. That’s the easiest thing to come to terms with: That an American believes in god. Most Americans do, even the ones who don’t directly identify with a specific religion.


Why? Why is him saying that not enough? What are you going on that contradicts that? And why do you get to decide who is Christian and how isn’t? Is there only one way to practice a faith?


Which is pretty much why atheist are the most hated/feared demographic.

How much Americans Dislike Atheists

Except for the Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, and even a couple of atheist out there.


I remember being told I was brave for saying I was an atheist an a dinner party. America is weird.

Big difference from “We don’t do God” in the UK.

As far as getting elected goes? I linked to the one person in congress who says she has no religion, but won’t call herself atheist or even agnostic.

See also Jindal, who converted to Catholicism.


One day, I’m going to move there and buy one of those old churches that the Angelican church keeps selling off… I always wanted to live in an old church.


Look guys, we have more important things to argue about, #BLUEBLACK #WHITEGOLD.


You can definitely count me in - not believing them about their religion is just a specific case. It’s all well and good to think of the most likely scenario that led someone to say something rather than take their words at face value, but as @marilove says, about the easiest thing in the world to believe is that an American believes in some god or other. In a way, I guess the 54% of republicans are doing exactly that - think he’s lying about being Christian, but still think be believed in God! (By this logic, we should also think that Al Franken is secretly Christian)


As an atheist myself…

What a load of rubbish.

If we were that hated and feared, we’d be getting gunned down by cops, and arrested and tossed in jail at the same rate or more than African Americans or other non-white minorities. But that’s not happening. At all.


Not for me. I can’t comprehend it.


This isn’t about YOUR beliefs and what YOU comprehend.


I’m stating it. I knew him before all of this.


Haha, no need to get all worked up. Sheesh. You american. Allways so idealistic ^^

Okay, so I did my bit of research and, obviously, he used to be agnostic but eventually got himself baptised so I guess he’s a christian now, allthough I don’t believe anybody who has ever really been an atheist or an agnostic (which excludes those who are atheists by fashion or because they were influenced) can ever become a believer, because to me, that would mean to renounce reasoning. But I’m still open to new knowledge.


Yes, there were, afaik and just so you know, I never asked before and I don’t ask now because I don’t care.


We’ve even had an agnostic (and possibly atheist) prime minister.


You’re bordering on personal attack, again. There’s no need for it.


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