Post your Pet or animal Pics


Post-fetch bliss.


Spring - bees and bugs are out :sunny:


[Looks at weather app, sees a whole lot of forecast highs in the 20F range…wonders where this magical, possibly mythical Spring thing is happening?]


I saw robins yesterday. Come to Seattle. We are getting an NHL team soon even.


Sweet! Got any local ice rinks with beer leagues? ‘Cause I ain’t moving anywhere lacking this basic amenity.


Does this count?



It’s a start, but 36 games for a whole calendar year is a lot less than I play now (80 to 90 games/year). I guess I could take up Kayaking so as to whale watch? (Trying not to get too far off topic, eh?)


Hell, we have ice hockey in Tucson. But it was snowing last week, so maybe not what you’re looking for (apparently really put a damper on the rodeo last weekend).

Went see kayaking once, and I could see that it was an unbelievably cool thing to do. Unfortunately, my sciatica meant that every pull on the paddle was like taking a full force kick in the groin.


As it happens, I’m ridiculously allergic to cactus pollen. The SW is totally off the options list.


It’s happening in unpredictable Scandinavia which means a cold front from Russia could put an end to the magic any day. I always worry about the bugs and buds when that happens.


Well that tears it! I was born in the wrong country, should’ve been Denmark like my great-great grandparents. Spring not even thinking about arriving until April is balloneycrap!


Last time I was in Scandinavia it was late May and the snow had begun to melt.


Internet find:



Saw this little guy in Italy a couple of years ago.


Born to be wild!

Very cute dog. Muito bonitinho esse cachorrinho.




Happiness is a small box, part x.




“Pawn to Mother’s sewing basket.”