Post your Pet or animal Pics


I looked Ruby in the eye today, and totally saw her pupils dilate as she began to purr. :heart::heart::heart:


This guy played tag with the waves today, like he does most days,

while his human and I took advantage of maybe the last 83° day we’ll see this year.

I love this beach because doggos and puppers are welcome and I get to pet as many as I can! :slight_smile:


May I inquire as to which body of water that is?


A salty one


North Atlantic in southern Maine. It was surprisingly blue and clear looking. The day before this it was too cold to stay in, but yesterday I floated around for an hour!


Might as well share some pics of my kitty while i’m here…

This is back when we first rescued him. He was maybe 2-3 days old, found by my mom at a Lowes in their outside garden section.

Here he is all grown up. Still a kitty though. He’s name is Kahn, great name for when he’s in trouble.


Extra hearts for the Totoro


He’s a Star Wars fan too


No I want there to be giant cats in Star Wars!


Close enough?




Cats, big cats!

I really, really love the Chanur books


Zeb is closer to cat-like, maybe?


Standoff at ten strokes:

(Water spiders at the Sonora Desert Museum.)


Early fall beach days, in the eighties this week!

The surprise wave which is why my phone is now apart and under a fan. :slight_smile:


Oh shit! Did you try to spray it off with distilled water first?


It didn’t go under, just splashed. the screen was blinking a bit. Plus it was a ten dollar Wikkid smaaat phone, and I still have its two predecessors (flip and bar) if all does not go well. But thanks for your concern.:slight_smile:


This is our new roommate. His name used to be Tiberius, but he’s just not a general or politician, he’s a total cuddles and pets then chill alone in a cave kind of cat. He’s probably a Bert.
He also was completely bored with the game. He prefer the ones with fish, and will happily pounce on them; as he comes from a house with fishtanks that he wasn’t allowed near, he’s possibly like a teen boy with GTA.


What a sweet guy. His facial markings are great.


Nori, looking kittenish:

(wife’s picture, attached to a text explaining why she wasn’t helping out with the kid)