Post your Pet or animal Pics


Jax (dog) and Scout (cat) finally getting along after months of Scout actively assaulting the Jax and otherwise staying out of reach:


It was so weird. Overnight they started tolerating each other. I think the détente must be because it’s finally gotten cold enough that they both want to be on the warm bed.


Jax just wants to play with Scout, but seeing as he’s roughly 10 times Scout’s size, the cat is rather apprehensive.


Just a lady bug on our potato plants this last summer.


He likes to sit wedged in the chair like this and stare out the front window


Cold quickly changes the boys from scrappy and standoffish to cuddly. Also, anything weird or unsettling. We had two sets of parents + other guests for Thanksgiving, and the boys were locked in our bedroom (with their litter box and food) all day:


Not an animal or a pet, but I spotted lichen sending up fruiting bodies the other day, and having never seen it do that, thought it was worth a photo:

I honestly didn’t even know lichen could send up these kinds of structures.


We had a nest of baby birds in our herb planter on our deck this summer. Chickadees. Ugly little feather sacks of bone, but they fledged in a few weeks and abandoned the nest. Somehow the cat never caught on. I guess it’s not all that surprising, since he’s an indoor cat and doesn’t know about the snack baskets birbs make.


He looks like you just told him a knee-slapper.


Khajeet has never heard such a mirthful story!


my little boy, Maio.


these were around me as a kid. when they’re red, we called them British Soldiers (not my pic):


Solar panels operating at 30% efficiency…


So I have this dude for a couple of weeks. I sequestered him away from the cats for his safety.

I’m giving him fresh water daily, and birdseed every two days, per instructions. Anything else I should know? I don’t really care one way or another about birds, but not sure how to interact. Is he fine on his own with sunshine in the daytime?


That’s the European model. The American ladybird beetle has only two spots, charismatically placed, and is a bright red rather than orange color.

Around me the European ladybugs have almost entirely supplanted the natives, but the invaders eat the nasty Hemlock woolly adelgids which would otherwise kill off our Hemlocks, so it’s OK.

British Soldier (Cladonia cristatella) is kind of like the various firefly species; rare globally, but very abundant in the places where it does live.

They have near-human level intelligence. Sorry, that’s all I got.


Sometimes the Madness Takes Me: Part the Next


Merry Mithra’s Mass!



We got the boys new mousies and an astroturfy box with holes and hidden jingly balls to dig around for.

And I’m sure they’ll co-opt half the Ratel kitt’s toys in a week.




Cozy rat