Post your Pet or animal Pics


My mother sent me a link to a bird feeder webcam ( from Canopy Tower in Panama, and Niko is hooked.

He’s sure the birds and opossums are going just behind the TV when they leave the screen, prompting a panicked call to help with cat extraction this afternoon.

Now he’s getting the concept of television, though.




Nibbling on one of those giant feet





Mona telling us it’s time for a proper soak.


Other Cat attempting to blend in



I bet his litter box takes some time to clean!


When he stops breathing, I will feast mightily!


Giant Sized Beebo came to kick butt and make us giggle hysterically.


I have never seen that movie (but I do get the reference). When it came out I was a sullen teen who wanted nothing to do with precocious saccharine kid movies, and now it has become a matter of minor principle to be contrary. Yeah, I’m a rebel that way… :roll_eyes:


ya, I never saw any of the Jurrassic Park or Disney movies (since Sword and the Stone, anyway) for the exact same reason.


This is the very handsome Mondo, with whom I have the pleasure of passing time with while his human is away.


A minute later he shifted his weight, flipping the bathtub insert over, sending him tumbling off the chair with the insert following him.

If I could just spend every day following the cats around with a Go Pro I could retire on the YouTube money…


I’d be happy to fill in any lack of content. I was stroking Ruby the other day at the edge of the bed, and she streeeetched, and rolled right off.


Tales of a long, lazy cat


Sunday Floof


@LDoBe to revisit this, I saw this Escher print for the first time in years today and remembered this comment.
I’d totally forgot about the lichens but they’re almost the best part.

Anyhoo, back to the animals!


Cat shelves installed.
He is the master of all he surveys.