Post your Pet or animal Pics


That is a happy cat.




I call this composition “Niko and Tulips (or Get the Fuck Off the Table, Asshole)”.


This lovely lady crossed the road in front of me near midday a couple weeks ago and then paused for in my neighbor’s yard. She’s nursing pups, which might explain her daytime hunting.

She and her pack are one reason we keep these beasties inside.


Sweet, FSM, I hope Niko isn’t dumb enough to munch on those flowers.

For those not keeping track of the Kidd Kittehs, Special Needs died last summer after ingesting a very small quantity of calla lily. Because he had suffered occasional seizures, we didn’t realize he’d been poisoned until it was a good 24 hours too late to save his life. Never before did we have issue with bringing a lilly or any other bulb flower in the house, and now we will never have such flowers in the house again.


Thanks for the warning! Niko was only interested in the bear grass in between the tulips.


Douglass and Greenlee San Francisco Ca.
American Lineolated Parakeet rescue birds.
Douglass is lame and cannot use his feet like a normal parrot to pick up food and climb.


My retirement home for elderly classroom pets:

On the right is my desk rat Buckwheat, happily middle aged, whose photos I’ve posted before.
On the left in the fuzzy tube hammock is his mother Violet, still a feisty old lady, and her somewhat younger buddy Daisy. They have done their time in the classroom and have earned a less stressful old age.