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Niko was initially freaked out by the Love Glove™, but I was patient: one stroke and then I’d let him wander off. Over time he got into it.


Pippin, aka Mister Fwuff
Cleo and Jarvis aka Fwiff and Fou Pantalon



What?! or Cat Flag

(I think he needs a glitter rainbow coming out of his butt, a la Nyan Cat.)


Niko and Sunflowers



Don’t eat the sunflower, Niko!


Everyone else does. The goldfinches in particular eat huge holes in the leaves for some reason.


This is Pepe.
His owner sometimes takes him for a stroll (Pepe sitting pirate-style on his shoulder, no less) which is why I met him at a local café a couple of weeks ago.
Pepe is 39 years old and a rescue animal. He lives with seven other rescue parrots. The couple who take care of them have an understanding with the local animal shelter; they take over when birds from deceased owners end up at the shelter.
They were able to check Pepe’s ID ring and establish his age and that he wasn’t captured in the wild.


Is everyone else seeing that a bunch of the images in my previous posts are broken/missing?


Yes. I’ve been seeing a lot of missing images all over the BBS for the past few days.

@FGD135, you’ve reminded me that I came across this yesterday -

It took a while to understand just what I was looking at. :upside_down_face:


If I remember correctly there were some messages on the BBS about them “improving” file storage or something. Wonder if we’re casualties of that.


You do remember correctly, or else we were both hallucinating.


I’d like to think I’m the sort of person who shares, but I don’t remember very clearly.


Yes, things are apparently still broken on the back end. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, some seem broken to me…I depend on your kitty photos to keep me sane during these trying times!


@codinghorror Help!

Images are uploaded, seem to hang around for a day or two, then vanish, see above.



We know what’s happening, but not the root cause yet. I’m cooking up a workaround to recover the broken files while we track down the why.


Thanks @schleifer! It seems to be some and not others. I know a lot of the files I upload are pretty big, in fact in past iterations too big, could that be a factor?


Update on JingleCat and the shaving option. Alas, there will be no shaving. A minor source of comedy is withdrawn.

She does like the Love Glove (and omg, that is the worst pet product name…). Thank you for the suggestion, @Ratel and @Wayward. But I now have a bit more information on her, thanks to the sharp-eyed groomer and some image searches.

Jingle will continue to get bigger. For a couple more YEARS. She’s probably not Maine Coon nor Norwegian Forest Cat. She’s most likely an unpapered Turkish (Kurdish) Van. Top pic is a breed standard (CC attribution, Inkeri Siltala, from Flickr), bottom is Jingle laying claim to my current fabric. They could be from the same litter. (Yes, I’m gonna sub her DNA, and Ninja’s. We need more cat DNA in the databases.)

And that’s great: Vans are dry alpine cats, a landrace breed (i.e. not human manipulated) who self-domesticated and bred to live at 5K feet, in a semi-arid climate, with freeze-your-butt winters and sweat-off-your-body-weight summers. Few health problems, generally long-lived. She’s gonna be fine in the Rocky Mountain foothills as long as I keep her away from coyotes. Vans also like water. (Yup. We have fountains for the babies for a reason.) And they’re protective of their humans. (Oh, yeah. She growls at anyone who isn’t us. Poor letter carrier & UPS lady.) But she’s not done growing at all. Girl Vans top out around 12-14 pounds, at around 3-4 years old; boy Vans push 20 pounds. I should expect her to be around 45 inches nose to tail when she’s finally done. Totally unexpected.

Which, of course, leads to questions about how six month old Jingle ended up in an over-crowded Roswell NM shelter. (She got swapped for adoption to Denver Metro.) Vans are not common cats, but one of the three US breeders is between Albuquerque and Roswell. Jingle has a dark spot on her nose and the black mark on her hip, which exclude her from show conformation. That may be the explanation, and if so, then I’m delighted I have her, and furious that someone made that judgement. Or maybe Jingle’s Mom got some boom-chicka-wow-wow without proper authorization, or she’s a local sale subsequent generation.

But it turns out that shaving her isn’t a good idea. She doesn’t have an undercoat, and her coat evolved specifically to manage her body temp. I won’t make her shiver (except when I bathe her.)


Our local shelter seems to have a steady stream of Siamese kittens that don’t quite meet breed standard. This is how we came across our Derpasaurus (this is his nickname) and tangentially how we found The Tailless Wonder (also a nickname). Breeders suck, and they don’t have the slightest understanding how awesome their cast-offs can be as pets.