Post your Pet or animal Pics


A Great egret, A. a. egretta , in Rio de Janeiro.

I really like the way these beautiful birds can stand sill for long periods just waiting for the right time to catch a fish.

I took this picture two years ago when I was leaving the building where I work. This egret was trying to catch a fish in the pond of the University.


nice shot!


Thank you. Muito obrigado. I was very lucky with the light on this day. This heron stood, wiping its feathers, as if it was posing in front of me. I seized the moment and got that image.



Mona getting prehistoric on some squash leaves.


More of the previous egret:


I believe this is a picture of @jlw’s dog shortly before emerging from the geologic isolation pod.


Well, look at that…

I may have to start scaling my pictures again.



This doesn’t do the scale of your dog any justice. He’s huge, but it’s not possible to tell from this handsome portrait.


Pacific Ocean for scale.


Much better.


Street cat. São Paulo, 2008


:heart: rats. They make such wonderful pets. Easy to care for, great personalities, and lots of fun. It’s just a shame their life spans aren’t longer.


I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging they are. Buckwheat is my first pet rat, and he is much more personable than the pet mice I had as a kid and about on par with guinea pigs. His mother Violet and her cage buddy Daisy are less cuddly, possibly due to their longer exposure to classroom shenanigans, but still quite friendly, Daisy especially. Violet probably doesn’t have too much longer to live because she has some rapidly growing mammary tumors, but so far she’s still active and comfortable. Like you said, that short lifespan …



Rio de Janeiro.






Fou Pantalon


Who let the seagulls out?

Dublin, 2013.