Post your Pet or animal Pics


Helping in the garden



Niko: labeled

Nori: CAT


Holy cow, do you need some rain!


Screw that, we need rain…


Take some of ours. We keep having these monsoon-like deluges that come out of nowhere.


Summer in Seattle despite the stereotype is very dry and keeping the lawn watered enough to stay green is $$$$. I don’t mind as it makes up for the winter of short short days and overcast skies.




Gato de rua. Aterro do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, 2016



I think Nori was completely asleep. I accidentally made a noise and his head popped up and then he squirmed out.


Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! --Niko & Nori



New Age book reading cat. Rio de Janeiro.


The neighbor’s cat, who is just as unpleasant as they are.

Alpha Cat is too superior to acknowledge the interloper with more than a few irritated tail swishes.


Been almost a week (and a pretty shitty one at at) without any new pet or animal pics, so here ya go…

Other Cat likes to help, especially if it involves a new box.


This is one of my dogs. His name is Copper and please don’t mind the hair design. My baby girl loves to play with his fur.


Welcome to BoingBoing, and Cooper, too!


Caga-sebo, Rio de Janeiro, 2018.


When we were kids, my brother and me had a friend whose black and white cat had the habit of getting into paper grocery bags. I was intrigued and believed that it was a peculiarity of that cat. Nowadays I know that cats love getting into bags. I just do not understand the reason for this behavior.