Post your Pet or animal Pics


I am sure I ain’t a butterfly, but thes creatures are very aggressive. Oh, I hate/fear insects.


That’s the same thing as a dragonfly, yes? I love them because they eat mosquitoes like crazy.

I do find them pretty unpleasant looking in their nymph stage though. Like an aquatic cockroach-spider


Oh. It is a kind of monster!


I saw what looks to be a peregrine falcon while driving the other day. Bad pic, overcast day. :frowning:

Someone who also stopped when they noticed it drove by and said “Wicked cool, amirite!” :+1: LOL


Refrigerator gargoyle.
How much do you really want breakfast?




Just like the Cheshire Cat.


What a comfy bed.






The post police bot just popped up. LOL


Sheer awesomeness! Chimken nuggers, LOL


Spooky living the good life :grinning:


Other Cat, who absolutely must involve herself in everything, including this contraption (an umbrella swift, holds yarn for winding from skeins into balls)


Hi everyone. I dont have any but I want to :grinning:


On the bright side, at least your yarn isn’t in her mouth. :smiley_cat:


This was just getting the thing set up. I have to lock her on the sun porch to actually wind yarn.


Mountain rescue team and their tracker dogs during an air lift drill.


Not my critter, but a new favorite youtube critter: