Post your Pet or animal Pics


Other Cat helping (not) with the tree decorations.



Caturday. Edição de Natal. Xmas edition.



Dog showing more sense than me (as usual).


Cozy cat


When is Cozy Cat going to make him/herself cozy on the mantel among that lovely garland?


I once had a cat that took perverse pleasure in always taking someone’s seat. Probably liked a soft place to sleep. This one looks almost exactly like him.


When he gets tired of his skin.

The remarkable part is the Christmas tree. He and the Ratel kit are basically even in broken (1 apiece) and dislodged ornaments, and neither has been that bad, all things considered.


Dramatic cat


From ancient Egypt.


Jeebus! Just stumbled upon a photo of this creature.



I expect @pesco will be posting that soon…


Oh, she was the host of a children’s TV show in the 1990s.


And at my mother’s suggestion:


Missy Messy Mona


Oh, deer!

See these guys and their friends hanging around the grounds where mother lives. I can never seem to get a good picture, though.





When large numbers of towels come out of the dryer at once, natural territorial instincts are muted, and komfort kittehs can be found in close proximity, taking advantage of the seasonal abundance.