Post your Pet or animal Pics


A meme is born.


Had to pull a porch chair into the house to seat guests around the dinner table.


Apex predators : Abelisaurus comahuensis e Felis silvestris catus




A photo contest about wild birds. The instructions and rules of this contest are all in Spanish.


Strawberry Sunday



When I was a teenager, my sister had a pet box turtle, and he would just about kill for a strawberry.


Mona was about the size of a box turtle when we adopted her. Alas, she’s not staying that size.






Chapman, Siamese, Clease, Siamese. Now that was a party.


If you haven’t seen this yet (and if not, why not, hmmm?) - it’s a real treat:



I’d read the book, but I had no idea there was an animation. Boxing Day evening sorted!


It’s even better than the book.
And 10 or so different animation studios were involved, so the film is in 10 or so different styles - which works extremely well in this case.
Also, for once the “making of” and the bonus material on the DVD are actually good and very interesting.



Oh, and typically I forgot to mention the best bit: the book was published while Chapman was still alive, and he made a “book-on-tape” version (as it was called back then).
Plus the Pythons have always worked with the same sound engineer for their records and films, André Jacquemin, since nineteen-something-splunge. And Jacquemin meticulously archived everything, including outtakes.
So Chapman is also narrating/voicing his character in the film.


I am so looking forward to this now!