Post your Pet or animal Pics


Tree skirt - 0
Other Cat - 1


Chaplin thought the hoodie was pretty cool, but sadly it’s not a very good hoodie overall and will probably be going back.


Presents distributed, now the underside of the tree belongs to the boys (and their new Christmas mousies).


Oh, wow, my SIL gave my daughter that hoodie last night with the intention that she (daughter) carry Other Cat in the pouch. Ummm, no. Don’t even go there.

(Agree that the hoodie itself is pretty crappy materials- and construction-wise.)


Yeah the dog liked it. He got comfy and laid down in there. But the kiddo isn’t going to wear that thin, scratchy, non-fleecy hoodie.


Right now I am sticking to the fiction that the pocket is for carrying stuffed animals, not the cat. She’s a bit younger than your kiddo, so I think I can get away with it. I’m hoping the thing will fall apart in the wash.


My house sitting companions this week.

This one is relentless in giving me the side eye until I cave and let him snuggle on the couch with me.
And this one just ignores me unless I have food. :wink:



Every “ZOMG Millennials are…” “journalist”:


Also, it’s not just millennials? How many older white women treat their pets like their kids?


N obody would pay attention to a story about a lonely old lady. But in other hand, ALL these pesky millenials are making everyone enraged. I would like to know why. They are annoyng like any other segment of the society.


Peak clickbait perhaps? Center your trash article around millenials for greater traffic?

But yeah, I’m having a heck of a time finding food for Tasha that gives her the nutrition she needs that a) doesn’t give her horrible, stinky poo and b) doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount of money. Not cheap, just not pharma-bro Shkreli pricing.

Just for the record, I agree with the critic. General pet foods are the worst for sustenance.



The feeling of infinite sadness engendered when walking through a place filled with happy people fifteen years younger than yourself.

– Douglas Adams, John Lloyd - The Meaning of Liff


My sister told a very similar story about 20 years ago. Her cat started to eat a special diet because of kidney problems.




I’m not ready for 2019 yet.


Luna enjoying the sun.


Niko checks out the stroopwafels: