Practical Stress Reduction: Organise!


Freaked out by Trump? Feeling powerless and afraid?

There is a way to deal with that. Organise, and do something.

But the first part of that is “organise”. So:

And many others.

There’s room for everyone. If you can’t handle a street protest, you can handle the mail. If you’re strongly pacifist, there’s a need for medics. If you’re smart, they need brains. If you’re strong, they need that too.

Most of what antifa does isn’t street brawling; it’s tracking and exposing nazis online. Most of what the DSA does isn’t mass demonstrations; it’s local community outreach.

There is room for everyone, and everyone is needed. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. By helping out you help us all.

So: what organisations are near you? What are they doing, what do they need help with? Have you signed up to help? If not, why?

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