Prisoners sent to Christian "rehab" diversion programs find themselves in forced-labor camps

Sure he saves… He saves the people who run the program big $$$$!


I agree with you and that’s why I tried to qualify it with Christian as a term. Predators have recognized the power of the “brand” christian and employ it as a camouflage for their crimes against humanity. Really it compounds their vile intent because it drags all Christians under the umbrella of the vultures who swarm to the scent of death.

For what its worth I really don’t have any problem with avian vultures either.


There are certainly many exceptions; but it isn’t uncommon to find that “liberal-to-left” can mean slightly different things.

Certainly less likely to subscribe to the “There is no god but Supply Side Jesus(except Mammon) and Ronald Reagan is his Prophet” stuff; but the results on something like gay marriage…less so. These Pew numbers are a few years old; but they generally do decent work in the area:

For 2011-2012: “Total Protestants” are 33%/58%/9% for “favor”/“oppose”/“don’t know”
White Evangelical: 16/77/7
White Mainline: 53/37/10
Black Protestant: 31/58/10.

“Total Catholics” are 51/38/11
White Catholics, 53/37/10
Hispanic Catholics: 45/40/15.

There is some further interesting dicing by frequency of religious attendance(more than halves White evangelical protestant support: 26% among less-than-weekly; only 11% among weekly or more; White mainline goes from 55% among less than weekly to 48% among weekly or more; Black protestant goes from 41% to 22%; unfortunately they don’t seem to include Hispanic catholics, so no comparison there); and age; but more or less across the board Black protestants are less hardcore than White evangelicals; but markedly more illiberal than White mainline(With ‘Unaffiliated’, especially under age 50, not surprisingly turning in higher numbers than any of them).

As noted, the differences are visible even in this area, and markedly larger when you get into blessed-be-the-invisible-hand-and-the-American-Empire stuff; but it’s much more of a “are actually viable coalition partners for liberals” thing than a “Wow, are actually liberals” one.


Yeah; a consequence of US white supremacy is that virtually all PoC have been forced into supporting the Democrats, regardless of their politics. Black conservatives have nowhere else to go [1].

OTOH, keep in mind that, from my perspective, “liberal” is pretty right wing already.

[1] Trump’s handful of pet PoC are not conservatives.


Wait wasn’t this part of the plot from A Scanner Darkly?


Just to reinforce for a second why this is more than just a financial scam:

I grew up amongst junkies. Y’know who most of the young people who end up with heavy drug problems are?

Abuse survivors. Gay kids. Trans kids. Homeless kids. Mentally ill kids. Aspie kids. Outcasts.

Broken, imprisoned, enslaved, abused. Over and over and over again.


Sounds a lot like indentured servitude as the British used it back in the day. Give convicted prisoners the choice between servitude or death (if they refuse, escape and/or return). Not a real choice in other words.


As all of America does today. It never stopped.

To excerpt the most relevant bit (but I recommend listening to the whole thing, it’s awesome):

The Slavers lost the war but won the peace.


Among the bits of the New Testament that American fundie Prots like to pass over while cherrypicking is that awkward passage generally known as the “Sermon on the mount”.

I’ve said it before and will say it again before I’m done: Much “Christianity” today is basically the State religion of the Roman Empire, with various embellishments.

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The real pity is that it’s the state religion of the Roman Empire from its more unsympathetic phases; rather than the part where at least paying lip service to highly effective civil government as an ideal and national justification was a thing; and that a great many people think that this is a virtue, not something to be corrected.


Land of the free…

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Amazingly, both Clarke and Arpaio are out of office.


“Are there no prisons?”
“Plenty of prisons…”
“And the Union workhouses.” demanded Scrooge. “Are they still in operation?”
“Both very busy, sir…”
“Those who are badly off must go there.”
“Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.”
“If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”


Speaking of Dickens, I have no doubt that Xtianist entrepreneurs are already eyeing opportunities in the emerging industry of “rehab”* for delinquent debtors (not paying your debts makes Prosperity Jeebus cry).

[*the quotes should be mandatory; these Xtianists care as much about actual rehab as they do the basic teachings of their chosen Messiah]


That was the Republic. In one of Macaulay’s lays he imagines a Roman of the Empire looking back on the days of the Republic:
Then none were for the party
and all were for the state
then the rich man helped the poor man
and the poor man loved the great…
the Romans were like brothers
in the brave days of old.
But Macaulay goes on to say that the picture wasn’t totally realistic.


If you call it Christian you don’t have to pay taxes or have any oversight. And you can really abuse people and claim its related to religion and no one in the government will be able to question it or do anything because of freedom of religion. So long as you don’t actually kill too many people or do something that threatens anyone with real power, you can get away with virtually anything if you call it Christian.


I’m sure these good christians aren’t just in it for personal enrichment but because nothing teaches one better to avoid drugs than being servile and happy to be destitute.


If you make it religious enough, you don’t even have to file public Form 990s.

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We all fall short of our ideals, but some fall short of better ideals than others.