Qanon "codes" are consistent with an English-speaker mashing a QWERTY keyboard

Very clever.

Every time I hear “Q”:
Every time.


I thought that was the point of Dvorak, not QWERTY.


(I’ve been watching DS9 for the first time, and expected him to show up sooner or later. Most of the episodes so far aren’t hugely satisfying, though there are moments—the one with Q was ok. Not as memorable as in TNG, though.)

I want to live in that reality.

No, that’s Dvorak.

QWERTY is designed to prevent jams on a typewriter.


It’s early here, and I read Qanon as rhyming with Canon, rather than Q-anon. I thought someone had invented a clever way to encrypt messages so they appear to have been typed by mashing a QWERTY keyboard. Now I sit here and wonder…

…okay, a very short wonder was enough. Nope, it’s someone playing with the conspiracy-theory idiots. Good luck to them, it’s sort of like harnessing free energy. Now if only they could turn it into some ‘useful work’.

But it’s still a good idea. To encrypt messages to appear as badly selected random characters. Someone should do that.


Gibberish works!

45 is the Hallmark of this approach.

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Damn right. Your sldkfj may not alskdfj with impunity. Those requirements are irrelevant and I don’t care how much you laksjdf.


covfefe qualifies.


This is astounding! I would have expected the right hand was otherwise occupied.

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And buy in to the Dvorak High Command’s plan to get us all on their liberal alien keyboard? Nice try, sympathizer.


up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A



Name checks out.

+1,000 co-simians.

I can’t see Trump following the advice in it though.


Real conspiracy theorists use Colemak.


I could have tweaked it more to make it a bit more relevant, but my point was Qanon is using the same vague language used by horoscopes and psychics and fortune tellers for centuries. Though Qanon’s style is to pose a lot of open ended questions, it is the same tactic: Make enough generalities, and you will start to be able to link them to real world events. Then, because our brains are garbage, we start to give these coincidences more weight than the lines that are either misses or make no sense. They even start making excuses for him, saying things like, “Hillary wasn’t arrested as predicted because something happened to call it off.”

Granted I think a lot of people are just in this for the ride, but those who are True Believers think that Trump is working with military intelligence to root out corruption not just in domestic alphabet agencies, but world wide. While they seem to focus on the left more, they make it clear that corruption is also on the right and they too will fall. This makes it so anyone against Trump is just part of the status quo corruption trying to hold on to power.

My advice is to invest in people who make and sell popcorn.

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