? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


Aren't I probably the least technical of anyone here, and yet even I know to have a flash blocker so things like that don't auto-play for me?


Did I not just get told that same thing by the mods?


Were you really the very first one?

Wasn't there another Questions post that preceded this one, or am I mistaken?


Don't I not even have flash installed? Doesn't this add an extra burden to the users? With noscript, privacy badger, and UblockOrigin installed, aren't I blocking a heck of a lot already?


Should we find out?


Do you want my help?


Do you need to ask?


Is it still there?


Does a bear crap in the woods?


Is what still where?


the post of the damned?


Weren't we talking about the flash autoplay / popup?


Won't it still happen if you scroll up? What about people who haven't read this far in the thread?


Is there a better solution?


Oh, that thing?

I thought you didn’t have that particular problem, due to all the ad-blocking?


What if @othermichael just removes it?


Are there people who aren't keeping up?


Aren't there always?


Don't I still get a popup, because flash isn't installed? Doesn't my browser think it's something I might want to download?


Isn't it time we had another answer / two minutes hate? will someone oblige?