Rad Power Bikes want to get the world out of their cars and they just may have figured out how to do it

On the california coast, fine. But in the 90% of the country where the weather is too crappy to ride 90% of the time, this is never going to work. I live on the east coat. The number of the days in the year where the temperature is never below 50, never above 90, and not raining to way to low to ever think about a bike as primary transport.

A motorized vehicle is a motorized vehicle. The fact that it gets a small pedal assist is a bit of a figleaf. As such it does not belong in trails any more than an ATV

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thank you for your reply

I live in Canada where we get temperatures from -30C to +40C and have managed to ride to work about every working day in a year. Proper clothing and equipment make it feasible. Studded winter tires are a great investment as is proper rain gear. A company shower really helps is hot weather :).

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