Reddit plans to remove moderators of popular subreddits leading protests against site changes

Thanks! I will check them out.


Taking another page from Musk’s piss-soaked handbook?


The people that care about this stuff care about it A LOT.

Sadly, I doubt that most people care all that much. All they see is that their doomscrolling distraction place doesn’t work.

When the admins remove the mods and undo the blackout, they’ll start doomscrolling again, and Reddit will continue swirling around the toilet bowl.

Yes, I am feeling cynical today, why do you ask?


From one of the links in that:


Also, the moderators, as unrewarded volunteer positions, don’t tend to have people clamoring to replace them (and it was often hard to find someone to do the task in the first place). The idea that replacement moderators will just appear when needed, especially after losing the previous ones by being disdainful of and mistreating them when they were upset you locked out the third-party tools they used to do the job… yeah, good luck.


I found the place going more and more toxic over the years and during gamergate so much of that toxicity turned up to 11, The Trump election just threw the gloves off to the point where I sat down and tried to curate my experience to avoid the worst of it and that is just from the perspective of being queer and furry. I just stopped going and nuked my decade of posts now the only time I go there is to look g up tech info for trouble shooting stuff and nuked my decade of comments. Really I don’t miss the place.

I can’t imagine how horrible and toxic the experience would be if you were trans. I wish there was a good place for that kind of community online. I find myself on tiktok a lot but I’m a video editor that craves attention. That place has a lot of toxic issues too but mostly in the way the platform has it’s reporting system weaponized against queer people.


Reddit determined to show Digg how to truly destroy themselves.


I know it is part of the fediverse, but I have severe concerns about the creators of Lemmy. It’s not that I disagree with them on some minor point, they are genocide denying tankie homophobes (I know,I’m repeating myself)

Until someone forks a lemmy-without-lemmy version I’ll be waiting on Raddle, I might disagree with the creators of it but I don’t feel like my life is in danger with them.


Is it just me or does anyone else’s feel this: like that social media in general has run its course. The stereotype at the beginning was that everyone was live blogging their lunch. It seems to me fewer and fewer people are engaging in that sort of thing. After blocking a couple loudmouth jerks on Facebook I see almost nothing personal on there to the point where I hardly ever check it. Instagram exists it seems mostly for people promoting their art or business or reshared tiktok memes (which are never made by anyone I know - just a small subset of the population hoping to get internet famous for a minute) Even politics - other than the short of semi-anonymous driving trollies in places like Twitter, people seem to have stopped even trying to discuss even the most important topics because we all feel like it’s pointless and never convinces anyone.
I never really hang out on Reddit - I only use it occasionally to find answers the way I used to go to individual company’s message boards.
It doesn’t help that my disillusion with many people I know because of trumpism and the anti social nature of covid seem to have alienated me from all but a few close friends and family… I just mean. I’m sick and bored of social media.


Is there a reason the word “T R O L L I N G” turns into “ driving trollies” in my post?? Boingboing editors having fun up in here?

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How difficult is it to not be an asshole? Is it really that hard? Apparently so, since so many people seem hell-bent on being assholes…


and “shareholders” can be fired by … oh wait :thinking:


don’t ask if there’s a good reason


Typically, the shareholders are fired by the bankruptcy court.


I’ve been feeling that way, too. At least with public social media. Less engagement, more self-promotional on all levels. I find myself engaging more on Discord private servers. Sure, the pool of people is a lot smaller, but people don’t feel like they’re being shouted over and there’s less incentive to self-promote/brag. It’s just people enjoying themselves.


I’m unsure of how much of this is dishonestly and how much of this is a failure of understanding; but what seems particularly slimy is how…conveniently…he slides from some examples of ‘accountable to your constituents’ to a vague invocation of ‘democratic’.

He holds his first two examples merely to the standards of having a constituency and being accountable to it; then when he switches to reddit moderators (who also have a constituency they are accountable to); suddenly the standard is ‘democratic’ without further detail or explanation as to why being answerable only to VCs is democracy enough for the CEO; while failure to implement direct democracy and rule by the bots and sockpuppets is feudal despotism by the mods.


For example, he has pledged to develop new tools to replace the beloved apps.

Meh. An API isn’t tools, it’s where tools attach.


Years of interaction with fellow human beings, building community, sharing insight and creativity…it’s all just data. Data to be mined and monetized.

Huffman’s not mad Reddit was scraped for a chatbot. He’s mad he wasn’t paid for the privilege. It’s his data, you see. His. Not yours.


Aside from making it clear that users are just krill on which to feed the chatbots; Huffman’s attitude suggests a willingness to burn things down in a fit of aggrieved entitlement; but much less sense of having a solution to the problem he’s upset about.

Given that any judgement to the effect that bots are derivative works or otherwise require some level of permission from the copyright holders of the training corpus would be apocalyptic for them; the botherds have been very, very, busily just not asking permission and hoping that they’ll be too disruptive to need forgiveness(along with being somewhat cagey about exactly what gets tossed into the training trough); so it’s absolute lunacy to expect that reddit will be able to dictate an access price any higher than the cost of just quietly scraping in what’s probably a ToS violation but what are you going to do about it; and that’s for current and future activity; years of past activity are already known to be out in the wild and unlikely to become less available over time.

He’s correct that the data has value; crass in his belief that because it has value he deserves to capture all the value; but delusional in his approach: presumably because the people he wants lining up and shoving that sweet 'Open’AI cash down his throat are harder targets he has instead focused fire on the much more cooperative, and actually value-adding, targets.

It’s like the story about the drunk searching for his car keys under a streetlight because that’s where the light is; except that the drunk punches you and screams “I’m not in the business of giving away my car keys!” in order to demonstrate his commitment to the search process.