Reviewers impressed by ARM MacBooks

iTterm has docs on that!

I have an (IBM!) ThinkPad T42 which I kept after it was bricked by rain a decade ago, and in the early stage of quarantine boredom I made a little project out of restoring it to life. It is weirdly delicious, mostly because of the keyboard and the nostalgia of having a display in the correct 4:3 proportions. But if I thought I could use it to, I dunno, ssh from my couch,* hoo boy that dream didn’t last long. It turns out, computers from ~2004 are excruciatingly slow, and the LCD contrast and viewing angle are garbage. Also: as great as the keyboard is, the spacebar feels off somehow. I might have reassembled it wrong.

* unlike post-G3 Apple notebooks, the T42 folds open 180° so you can use it while lounging

** I think the original Powerbook G4 also did that, but it was an overrated piece of trash

*** Whereas the 2000 Powerbook G3 “Pismo” is even more delicious than the ThinkPad. I have one of those I hope to resurrect some day, too

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Oh, I think that’s inevitable. Even if Intel is slow to adapt, the M1’s performance is a sign hardware manufacturers can’t afford to ignore.


I had one of those; I think it was one of the good models.

The key word there is “think,” though. It could also have been the model where I had problems with the processor stepping down because of heat when the fans vents got plugged up (or a similar issue). Although that might have been the one I had after the T42.

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