Russian cyberpunk farm

Russia has had serious robot game for some time


The ending is an allusion to the end of Tarkovsky’s Solaris.


I found a comment on the YouTube page pointing out a lot of details:

00:01 = The QR-code (on the cow) is real. It belongs to Dmitry Rogozin’s twitter (he is a general director of Roscosmos).
00:36 = Nikolay says to a cow, “Bitch, … shut up!”
00:44 = The road sign, “WANING! AIR HOLES”
00:57 = Nikolay says, “Fuck… Waiting for… Just”
01:21 = Laptop, milk full indicator is “32% of cow”, cow mood indicator is “very good”
01:36 = The title (on robot’s newspaper bag), “To health…”
01:43 = The poster (on the left of the screen) on the outside wall of the workshop, “Rogozin: Let’s Make the Red Planet Green”
02:14 = The poster (on the right of the screen), “Wash your hands!”, “Human-based trojan virus is very dangerous for your neural network nodes”
02:36 = Red letters on the roof of the orangeries, “VIRGIN GROUND”
02:38 = Electronic scoreboard (on the right of the screen ), “SEEDING: ERROR”
02:46 = The fractal cucumber has a form of the Russian space station (MIR, 1986-2001)
03:20 = Nikolay says, “But nothing was…”. Nikolay’s wife answers, “I’ll hit you because of Glasha”. Nikolay says to his wife, “Fly away from here.” (Glasha is Glaphyra, Greek female name; we see a jealousy scene)
03:31 = There are two moons on the night sky, Phobos and Demos.
03:54 = Remaking the street Russian folk dance song (Porushka-Parania, 1960),
“And the bird-robot has taken off, but it’s propeller blades are not spinning,
Also it’s accumulator is just dead and it’s GPS is not loaded.
It flies at a height and it’s equipment operates at a special frequency.
The quadcopter rustles with its propellers, and flies across the sky
Like a buzzing bumblebee. I hear radio interference…
We know that robots are powerful…
Unfortunately we can`t be robots.”


Probably not exactly what you have in mind, but maybe Slipstream.

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This is a lot of fun. Makes me think “what would Russia look like in the universe of Tales from the Loop?

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there’s a small reddit called Sovietpunk

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